History of 12 eternal and magnificent pieces of jewelry

Faberge Egg Pendant – Faberge eggs are an extremely favorite among jewelry lovers. They were the inspiration for some of the most beautiful jewelry collections from fashion houses Balmain, Versace, D&G or Salvatore Feragamo. The first egg-pendant was made for Emperor Alexander III. In 1885, he donated it to his wife, the empress Maria Fyodorovna, for Easter. The eggshell was made of gold and enamel. In the golden interior was a golden chicken-symbol of life. It took the masters at Faberge’s jewelry store more than a year to make one model. The tradition of donating expensive eggs at the Russian court lasted until 1917, that is, until the persecution of the Imperial Romanov family from the Winter Castle. Today, pendants are made of gold, rubies, garnets, amethysts, sapphires, tsavorites or tourmalines. Mostly they are only 18 millimeters, costing from 5 to 16 thousand Euros. http://www.faberge.com
Camelia (Chanel) – French designer Coco Chanel’s favorite flower was a camellia. This flower is a symbol of a fashion house that bears her name since 1922. At first, Coco wore it as a brooch on a lapel or an ornament on her hair. Later, she began to decorate her dresses, caps, shoes and buttons. In Cambon No. 31 (her apartment) lamps and glass were painted with camellias. Camel jewelry with camellia motif, purse 2.55, perfume No.5 and tweed jackets of this beautiful flower. All subjects have a cult status and are increasingly in demand in the world every year. http://www.chanel.com
Tiffany Pendant Bracelet Made in USA – The first pendant bracelet model was made by American jewelry company Tiffany. It was a model where pendants could be added or removed as they wanted. This gave the bracelet a personality and originality. The pendants are bought individually and are called “lucky ones.”
Trinity (Cartier) Ring – It turns out that every woman looks at her wedding ring about a million times throughout her life. The newlyweds are getting a lot of attention when buying a wedding ring. One of the most sought after e Trinity Carter models made up of three rings (white, yellow and rose gold) to symbolize loyalty, love and friendship. 1924 Louis Carter makes the first ring of its kind. He made it for Jean Cocteau, who mournfully mourned for a friend who died of typhoid. There are various versions of the Trinity ring today.
Gourmande Lalique Ring – French designer Rene Lalique has been working on glass. In 1931 he made the Gourmande ring known as Cabochon. These rings are made of one piece of crystal in 14 colors.
Kelly Hermes Bracelet – The clasp bracelet is identical to the one on the 1935 cult Kelly bag created by the Hermes company. Until then, Hermes had been working on equestrian equipment. Designer Robert Dumas created this bag to give the riders visitors everything they need. The bag was later reduced and became an attractive fashion accessory. In 1956, Princess Grace Kelly launched it into eternity. http://www.hermes.com
The Reverso Jaeger-Lecoultre-1931 Watch was the brainchild of the Reverso watch when one of the colonial officers in India complained that he was constantly breaking the clock playing polo. Jeacques David-Lecoultre then patented a moel whose housing can be rotated 180 degrees. The half hour became ideal for printing the dedication. The most unique model is from 1936 when the Maharajah of India carved the name of his beloved wife. Today, the Reverso watch is popular with men.
Serpent Bvlgari In ancient Rome, the serpent was a symbol of happiness and protection against disease. In the 1940s, the snake became a symbol of the Italian jewelry company Bvlgari. Their first model was a gold and diamond bracelet wrapped several times around their arm. In the head of the snake was a hidden clock with a Movad mechanism. Over the years, snakes have become more luxurious because of the diamonds and other precious stones they have adorned. The clock mechanisms were made by respectable watchmaking manufactures. https://www.bulgari.com
Piaget Bracelet-A very attractive wrist strap are gold bracelets on which an ultra-fine watch with ruby, turquoise or mother-of-pearl dials has been popular.
Alhambra Van Cleef & Arpels Necklace – French jewelry company Van Cleef & Arpels created the Alhambra necklace in 1968. The name is derived from the Arabic word “al-hamra” (Red). The four-leaf clover pattern symbolizes happiness, health, love and success. The same motif is repeated today.
Nirvana Swarovski’s ring – classed as a fashion classic. It was made by the Swarovski jewelry company. It was created after two years of research by a crystal master from a Tyrol company that was founded in 1895. This jewelry model shines in new shades every season. The most sought after shades are emeralds, lavender, tanzanite and translucent. Famous French designer Christian Dior launched it in 1957 when he decorated his creations with Swarovski crystals. Today, Swarovski crystals are present at all fashion shows, concerts or film premieres.https://www.swarovski.com
Princess Diana Gerard’s 1981 bust Prince Charles asked Lady Diana. She chose the Gerard fashion ring. Gerard was founded in 1735. It has been the title of royal jewelry company since 1843. The price of this ring was £ 28,500. It was decorated with 12-carat Ceylon sapphire and 14 diamonds. Sapphire in Hebrew means “the most beautiful of all.”
photo: http://www.amazon.com

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