Job and career proposal (or hobby): collecting corals that are living material

Clara Stones Dubrovnik (Made in Croatia)
Unlike stone, corals are living material. Coral is a protected species and is extracted from the depths of a hundred meters. The branches used are taken off the reefs all over the shores. These may be the finest specimens if the sea is clear and clear. Pacific coral is used in the making of coral jewelry because of its softer colors (pale pink, orange and white). Among the most valued corals is the Mediterranean. It is red in color, says the legend, because the Greek hero Perseus ripped off Medusa’s head so that her blood stained and petrified seaweed.
Coral quality depends on the size or thickness of the branch. The thicker the ball, the larger the diameter. As with pearls, the price of coral balls is higher if the balls are larger and more regular. True rarities are closed branches of coral or large branches of near perfect surfaces. Investing in corals is a smart move because they are becoming scarce due to global warming and marine pollution. The price is constantly rising. For example, in the last ten years, the price of corals has doubled.
When making coral jewelry, a coral with accessories and ornaments of semi-precious stones, pearls and gilded silver is used. Pure gold is less commonly used because it raises the price. Used when requested by the customer. Working with corals requires filigree precision because calcium carbonate makes up 70% of its composition. Calcium carbonate shoots at high temperatures. Therefore, it must be constantly moistened during machining. Untreated coral is quite unattractive. The true color is hidden beneath the grinding orange armor. Fortunately, in many cultures today, the tradition of making coral jewelry is a long one and it survives thanks to enthusiasts and lovers of this beautiful material.

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