Looking for work: find inspiration in flea markets

2019-07-07 07.11.05
French writer Andre Breton wrote in his book “The Manifesto of Surrealism”: “Regular visits to flea markets and antique fairs must be an irresistible part of artistic practice.”
Walking around flea markets and fairs of old things and antiques are a great starting point if you’re bothered by the hassle and lack of work. For little money at places like this / events you can find wonderful and valuable items. These places offer virtually all types of goods (used or new) from “needle to locomotive”. You can offer / sell such items to collectors or start your own business. Adequate cleaning with natural materials (most often in the kitchen: baking soda, vinegar, soap, dish detergent and more) and a small restoration can turn a particular item into a valuable copy ready for sale or auction. You don’t need to study art history or fashion design to start a business like this. You need to turn your understanding of aesthetics with your personal touch in your favor and start doing this kind of work.
For example, look to your neighbors, friends or relatives for old things they no longer need. Disassemble and reassemble them to create something new with your own hands. If you don’t start, you won’t even know where your inner curiosity can lead you. Get rid of the inner resistance that we all have deep within and that can only restrain us.
Give your imagination a chance and work or create whatever comes to your mind first. “The small steps to great success”- can be your guiding idea in everything. Because a well-designed object has a conceptual and aesthetic sense. And finally, material purpose in the world we live in.

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