The US portal of Price of Travel has made a list of the cheapest European cities

Following a survey (spanning 47 cities), the Americans concluded that Bulgaria and its capital Sofia was the cheapest destination in Europe. The survey included the cheapest three-star hotel in a good location, two 3-kilometer taxi rides, a visit to one museum, three meals and three local drinks. So they came to the conclusion that every tourist in Sofia should spend US $ 48.5. Sofia is followed by the capital city of Romania (Bucharest) with 50 USA, Budapest is 54.65 USA, Krakow is 58 USA, Riga is 58.2 USA, Sarajevo is 61.3 USA, Belgrade is 61.6 USA, Bratislava is 69.96 USA, Kiev is 70.83 and Tenerife is 78 USA. This is a list of the 10 cheapest destinations.
On the other hand is the list of the ten most expensive destinations: Zurich is 201, 88, Paris is 184, 67 USA, Venice is 184 USA, London is 178.57 USA and Oslo is 169, 41 USA.
Free accommodation on your trip can be found at This non-profit organization works exclusively through its portal. It has hundreds of thousands of members worldwide. The principle of operation is as follows: after you enroll (enroll) in the portal you are offered free accommodation in your home and you get free accommodation in the home in the location where you want to travel. What makes this portal different from others is the fact that it is the least important for the members of the portal how the house where they are staying looks and how the furniture looks. The most important idea of ​​the project is to establish connections and friendships with people from all over the world (host). It is more important how you greet a guest than where you place it.
Euro 26 card
Several million users of this card are cheaper to visit museums, festivals and concerts. They get discounts on many types of transportation, lodging, shopping, food and drinks. This card can be held by anyone between the ages of 7 and 30. More information at:
A ‘Global Pass’ for driving in over 30 European countries for 15 days (continuously) and in the second class costs 289 Euros (up to 26 years) and 409 Euros (up to 60 years) and 369 Euros (over 60 years old). The first class is usually 50% more expensive. For Benelux countries there is a Benelx Pass, in Greece there is a Plus pass (includes ferry to Italy), in the Balkans there is the Balkan Flexipass.

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