Zero Waste has become a serious thing for years

2019-08-29 07.14.18
There are already large stores in the world where there is no plastic packaging and cafes where they do not produce waste, but you can still drink coffee.
Kathryn Kellogg writes and runs the already famous Going Zero Waste blog. She posted a photo of a jar with just over half filled with garbage. She revealed to all readers that this was all the junk she had collected in two years (which had not been recyclable). Bravo Kathryn. Although it seemed an incredible undertaking, Kathryn succeeded. She recycles everything herself, composts, does not buy ready-made food (prepares food in her home), makes homemade toothpaste or eyeliner. Buys from Zero waste shops. Shops called Zero Waste Shops are increasingly opening up around the world. This concept has been embraced with the goal of creating as little waste as possible that pollutes our lives, and our planet. Life without waste is slowly but surely progressing in all spheres. It all starts with individual practice, spreads to the environment and beyond. Zero waste is not a trend but a life philosophy. Thus, Zero waste activists are constantly turning their attention to harmful disposable plastics and unsustainable accumulation of non-degradable waste.

The Zero Waste philosophy is very simple and applicable to all people – small simple initial steps should be taken, changing ourselves and the way we think about waste. One should also become aware of the damage we are doing to the planet earth when we are not thinking about ways to reduce the use of plastics and synthetic products. When you first go to a grocery store called Zero Waste, you can start by buying a bamboo toothbrush, buying food, fruits, vegetables, bulk spices (carrying your own packaging and your own utensils). Already, this will help reduce waste and help reduce food waste because you can buy as much as you need. There are markets everywhere in the world where there are stalls offering goods in bulk. Look for stores where you can find corn starch vegetable plastic instead of plastic. Every change (and the smallest one) is still a change.


    • Dear Lara/Trace,
      Thanks a lot for your great comment and time and efforts by reading it. Yes, me too. I also myself hope the whole idea will spread on the globe.
      Wishing you all the best,

      My sincere regards,


    • Dear “baystatetextiles”,

      thank you very much. I appreciate your nice words amd positive reactions. Wishing you all the best.

      My nice regards,



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