5 hidden enemies of the skin

Dermatologists claim that sun rays damage our skin and can cause wrinkles, pigmentation and skin cancer. Liquid powder containing SPF is not enough (especially if applied in a thin layer). Wipe skin moisturizer with SPF 15 or higher protection factors every morning. There are some tips to keep your skin healthy and radiant.
Going to sleep with make up: It’s amazing how many women in the world do not take off make up before going to sleep, which is not a big problem. However, if you do this more than once in a month, you will have a skin problem with congested pores, acne, faster skin aging. In times of exhaustion and fatigue, keep wet wipes on hand which can be a great help in these situations. Under ideal conditions, wash your face with a gel cleaner and rinse with lukewarm water (or cold water). Thorough rinsing is very important as keeping the preparations in pores (skin) causes them to close, thus reducing the effect of night cream.
Exaggeration with facial cleansing
There are many types of exfoliates on the cosmetic market (granular facial cleansers), exfoliates and micro-dermal-abrasive preparations for home use. Many women often use a large number of different preparations. It causes skin irritation and increased fat secretion. When you remove the natural deficiency, the skin tries to make up for it (fat) by producing it in larger quantities. Excessive exfoliation can cause long-term damage. A vicious cycle of fluid loss and cell decay is created. The end result can be dandruff. If you have normal skin, do exfoliation once a week. If you have oily skin or prone to acne, exfoliate twice a week. If your skin is dry or extremely sensitive, do a thorough cleaning once a month. If you experience burning or itching when using any preparation, immediately rinse your face and stop using that preparation.
Unhealthy diet or malnutrition
If you eat snacks instead of fresh fruits and vegetables, you lose important vitamins and other important substances. Women usually do not use enough biotin or omega fatty acids (fish, dairy products, whole grains, kernels). Skin damage is reduced by foods rich in antioxidants (spinach, berries).
Frequent lack of sleep
Insufficient sleep due to insomnia or frequent waking during the night, we know affects general health. The human body experiences chronic insomnia and produces stress hormones. Hormones of stress signal the body to divert oxygen and nutrients from the skin to the major internal organs. When the skin does not get enough fuel, it loses its elasticity, bursts, and dark circles appear. There is no compromise here. The night’s sleep should last at least seven hours. Scientific research says that sleep is affected by shining light that reduces the production of melanin (a hormone that regulates the sleep cycle).
Cyclic weight loss and weight gain (pounds)
Frequent weight gain and slimming weakens skin fibers. Then the skin becomes susceptible to premature relaxation and wrinkles. Losing just a few pounds can disrupt hormone levels and cause many skin problems. Try skin firming lotions. Lotions help temporarily.
It is not wise to save on skin care products. Cheaper preparations do not contain all the ingredients that should be found in good face cream. The highest quality creams contain the best ingredients and this dictates their price.

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