Choosing a fridge magnet reveals a lot about the fridge owner

13.03.2015 002
William Zimmerman of Saint Louis (Missouri, The United States of America) patented the first refrigerator magnet in the early 1970’s. The magnets originally served as a reminder of the ongoing commitments and messages for spoiled family members.
They are soon becoming a profitable tourist souvenir. Today there are magnets for refrigerators of all colors, shapes and materials. Some contain lascivious, funny or witty messages. The world’s largest IT companies are working to design a new generation of refrigerator magnets. These magnets will give us direct insight into the situation on the world stock exchanges, insight into our current bank account and many other useful information.
Many magnet lovers and collectors love to keep this cute little item in a cool refrigerator. Although small in size, it gives the warmth and colorfulness and always reminds us that a better and different world is possible.
Got empty space on your fridge? Magnets Museum Shop has you covered. With handcrafted wooden and porcelain magnets, games, mugs, t-shirts, decorative plates and those god-awful wooden maces, this place has something for everyone on your souvenir shopping list.
Magnets Museum-Shop
Street Serbs’ka 9, Lviv (Ukraina) Tel. (+380) 32 235 80 32

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