Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn friends

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Thanks to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, the entire internet world can see and see the various situations we find ourselves in, or part of the life we ​​live. Social networks may have robbed us of anonymity and privacy, but (in the fast-paced times we now live in) they helped us to get in touch with any known or unknown friends and / or relatives on social networks (if online) at any time. Before the advent of Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, we could have been slower and harder to make new friends on the beach, on a day trip, among locals on vacation, or for the duration of a trip.
Although life used to be much easier and more enjoyable, the emergence of various social networks has paved the way for a culture of mass exchange. Each user, like Facebook, probably has several hundred friends, dozens of whom he knows personally. The great thing is that through social networks you maintain friendships otherwise thousands of miles away, or renew old friendships or get a new business opportunity. Before the advent of Facebook you could go anywhere in the world and for the people around you were a total unknown. Your private side was also a stranger to everyone around you then. It did give a sense of self-confidence, relief and freedom of behavior. But times are changing. Life is constantly changing and the best what we can do is to adapt to it (in accordance with our own character). Cheers.

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