Four homemade, inexpensive and effective remedies

Aloe Vera Against Stomach Disorders – Many peoples base almost all treatment treatments on this plant Most commonly used superficially for wounds and burns or oral (gel) treatment for stomach problems.
Rum with Honey Against the Cold – Before the invention of numerous preparations for the treatment of sore throat or flu or cold, many peoples used the old and tried rum medicine. A glass of warm water, three tablespoons of honey, one tablespoon of rum and the juice of one lemon.
Tightening the Hand Against Anxiety – Experts believe that pressure can increase endorphins, i.e. hormones in good mood. Western medicine constantly explains the effects of acupressure, which has proven effective in treating nausea, stress and insomnia. Squeeze the soft skin between your thumb and forefinger (you should feel discomfort, not pain). Hold for three minutes. This exercise eliminates stress and cures discomfort.
Lemon juice against insect bite-acidic liquid (lemon juice or vinegar) dampens reactions to insect bites. Poisons in insect stings are usually of a basic character, so the acid neutralizes and prevents its movement through the bloodstream. Rub a few drops of lemon juice at the injection site.

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