Reading recommendations: January 2020

The Golden Notebook (by Doris Lessing)-“Doris Lessing is a writer who looks at civilization with skepticism, passion and visionary power, “are the words used by the Nobel Committee to describe the artistic abilities of writer Doris Lessing. The Golden Notebook is her most significant work. The novel follows the life of writer Anne Wulf, torn between the various roles she plays in her life. Divorced and disappointed with her relationships with men, she writes her experiences in notebooks. These are volumes of different colors that correspond to different parts of her personality.

The Bookshop of Yesterdays (by Amy Meyerson)-A new literary treat has arrived for all fans of the big world hit The Little Bookstore in Paris. Amy Meyerson’s novel The Bookshop of Yesterdays talks about the healing power of books and how they can change one’s life. It is a novel about a big heart and penetrating insight, a lyrical story about family, love and the power of togetherness.

Eat, Pray, Love (by Elizabeth Gilbert) and
Committed (by Elizabeth Gilbert)
In the first book, Elizabeth describes how she spent the first year after her divorce. To recover, she traveled to Italy to enjoy phenomenal specialties. In search of true spirituality and enlightenment, he then travels to India. He eventually travels to Bali where he meets his new great love-Felipe. The reality is happening because Felipe is deported when he enters America. The only solution is a marriage that was not planned by them. In the book Committed Elizabeth describes the tale of a love story.

Gault & Millau (influential World’s Gastronomy Guide) – With listings of restaurants, wines, and cell phone apps to which specific destinations can be located by cell phone.


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