Tips for decorating a smaller space

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Functionality and minimalism are paramount to decorating a small apartment. We must not suffocate the apartment with colors, furniture or unnecessary heavy partitions.
To save space, instead of a large table, a sliding plank can be placed next to the window, which can be lowered as needed. This movable table can be found in all specialty stores or ordered by carpenters according to our dimensions. We can buy chairs to our liking, but the rule states that a good chair is one that is lightweight and can be worn with one hand.
10 golden rules for decorating a small apartment (up to 20 square meters)
One of the first rules is painting the walls. Small apartments do not fit dark colors or scream Latin. All the walls can be white or one wall (recess) in some other slight hue.
If there are shutters or blinds on the window then fluttering and minimalist curtains should be put on the other side. Dark curtains from the ends of the windows shade the window and give you a good night’s sleep. For a sunroof, the best option is to shade it with blinds or solid awning on the inside.
If the small apartment has high ceilings, take advantage of that height and make the gallery a bedroom. The golden rule is not to fill the apartment with furniture. Small kitchen appliances and small appliances and a table whose top panel can be lowered to a wall will serve well.
Do you want to remodel something with a wardrobe or easily movable partitions.
Large-sized TVs do not fit into a smaller apartment. A sofa is a great choice for a bed as all the bedding can fit inside.
Remove redundant doors – Entrance and bathroom doors are sufficient. Use space rationally: Install a shower cubicle, sink (up to 30 centimeters).
The ideal solution for the floor is parquet (except in the bathroom). It looks nice and gives warmth. Place a rug on the parquet floor of natural materials.
Tips for decorating a one bedroom apartment
If you want to visually remodel the living room and bedroom part, do so with light and functional partitions. Keep the bedroom a closet and a bookshelf, music corner or TV on the day. It would be good if the closet partition closes only two thirds of the height. This ensures natural light and fresh air. Partitions should be made of high quality and solid materials.
In a one-bedroom apartment, every square should be appreciated and every opportunity available to make space available.
If you want to separate the sleeping area from the living area of ​​the apartment, do so by partitions that can be moved as needed. Buy smaller furniture and one that has a polyvalent function. Although they are a practical “forget” on the so-called accordion-door.
In a smaller apartment it is better to fill the bathroom with furniture than a bedroom. When decorating, provide built-in cabinets wherever space allows. Cheer up the apartment with warm and bright colors. Choose breathable and simple window curtains. Avoid heavy curtains and curtains with folds.
Whenever possible, make floor-to-ceiling custom cabinets. Put the things you don’t use (seasonal) on the highest shelves and change as the seasons change. You can get to these things with the help of small home ladders.

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