10 gorgeous editions of books for plant and trees lovers, good novels lovers, and more

1.The Book of Flowers (Author: Pierre-Joseph Redouté) – flowers in bloom was a favorite theme of the French painter from the turn of the 18th to the 19th century. Redouté was called “Raphael for flowers”. This elegant catalog offers a vivid overview of the work of this French painter. It offers an insight into the magnificent gardens and greenhouses of what was once Paris.
2.Around the World in 80 Trees (Author: Jonathan Drori) – From India’s sacred banyan tree, Lebanon cedar, Australia eucalyptus trees have always offered us shelter and inspiration. Drori is a British plant expert. He has selected over 80 species of trees and wrote interesting stories about them.


3.The Book of Baltimore (Author: Joel Dicker) -American author Dicker has written a family saga that discusses misconceptions and the end of one’s childhood. This is a poignant story of brotherhood, love, loyalty and the fatal deception of memory.
4.Schlatenschamess or Berlin on the Sea (Author: Benno Meyer-Wehlack) -roman has a strong autobiographical stamp that gives it personality. Seventeen-year-old Rolf is at the center of the novel. In post-war Berlin, Rolf became interested in theater. Thus, he successfully ignores hunger, exhaustion and other troubles of life.
5.My Not So Perfect Life (Author: Sophie Kinsella) – a popular British writer. In this humorous chic-lit novel, she deals with girlfriend Katie Brenner. Katie’s life is perfect — on Instagram alone. In reality, it is as the title says.https://www.sophiekinsella.co.uk
6.The Little Book of Ikigai (Author: Ken Mogi) -Ikigai describes the pleasure and meaning of life in Japanese. It contains life wisdom, subtlety, and manners that are unique to the society of Japan. The book says you don’t have to be Japanese to feel “ikigai”.
7.Small Innovative Houses (Author: Philip Jodidio) – The principle of “own less – live more” is the principle by which modern people live. The houses where they live are accordingly. Impressive and simple homes. In accordance with high environmental standards. The author explains how one can live cheaper and be in tune with nature. https://www.taschen.com
8.Global Dissatisfaction (Author: Noam Chomsky) – One of America’s leading intellectuals, through 12 interviews, questions the latest developments in the world.
9. Story of Golf (Author: George Peper) – The most respected American journalist who covers all the happenings in the golf world. In this sumptuous edition, it gives an overview of one hundred of the world’s most important courses, clubs, etc.
10.How to be a pack leader? (Author: Jesper Juul) – A popular Danish therapist in his book explains that without guidance there is no upbringing in the family. Juul argues that parents can raise a healthy child if they feel valued and competent in their parenting role.www.jesperjuul.com

Sophie Kinsella


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