15 personal secrets to keep to ourselves

1. You’re doing Kegel’s exercises in your head just to get over a boring business meeting.
2. Talk to your dog, cat, or bird in the “baby” language.
3. Once you got so drunk that you started kissing strangers around you.
4. You occasionally rip a long, blond hair from your chin.
5. You were desperately trying to quell your feelings for a friend, but you failed to do so.
6. You stole chocolate from a grocery store when you were ten and were incredibly elated about it and completely unaware of what you did.
7. Once you pee outside the toilet.
8. You think your friends’ baby looks like a little Martian.
9. You read the messages on your dear people’s phone and then felt guilty for not finding anything disturbing.
10. Visit the galleries and the theater to belong to the intellectual and artistic elite. The truth is, you are very bored in these places.
11. You often talk to yourself aloud. You don’t think it’s bad.
12. You often sing aloud to the music even though you have no hearing.
13. Sometimes you can’t remember what the capital of Denmark is, for example, even if your life depends on it.
14. Sometimes you wish your boastful, irritating, and self-respecting neighbor / or work colleague would lose their speaking power (at least for a day).
15. Sometimes you do something or say it out loud to hurt your loved ones, even though you repent very quickly.

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