An interesting and useful beauty test that suits all generations

Test 1: Apply some cream on face / hands and wait ten minutes. If you notice any skin reaction – stop using this preparation.
Tip: Skin color and texture change from season to season with age. A preparation that suits you during warm days may not cause you the same reaction during cold, winter days. Rather, do not use any preparation but to damage your skin.
Test 2: Wash yourself as usual. Wait for the face to dry naturally. Then gently press one layer of tissue paper to the middle of the forehead. The handkerchief should linger there for a few seconds. If it does naturally, your skin is normal. If left longer, your skin is too oily. If the handkerchief falls off your forehead immediately, your skin is dry.
Tip: If your skin is oily, do not use aggressive cleaning methods. Cosmetics claim that it is sufficient to use any preparation containing salicylic acid to remove the surface layer of face fat. For dry and sensitive skin, choose products with Keramide (to retain moisture in the skin).
Test 3: If the color of your teeth matches the color of white, your health is good. Otherwise, do the following – apply a bit of gold on the upper lip and silver on the lower lip. If the tooth color matches the gold color above, it’s time to treat your teeth whitening (you can do it with baking soda).
Tip: Toothpastes and whitening thread only remove tooth dis pigments from colored foods (food) and beverages (juices, coffee, wine).
Test 4: After washing your hair, remove one strand of hair and pull it firmly. Healthy hair stretches 1.25-2.5 centimeters before firing. Damaged hair fires immediately.
Tip: For starters, do not rub your hair with a towel (after washing). Squeeze it with your hands or gently spread it with a towel. Vigorous rubbing further damages the hair. Try not to use heat-generating appliances (hair dryer) for several weeks to help restore hair and scalp. To restore the softness of hair, apply a buy or homemade mask / packaging. Get your hair cut. Because the shorter the hair, the healthier it is.
Test 5: The hair color that is most healthy for you is the hair color you had as a child.
Tip: If you dye your hair, make it a shade similar to a slightly darker / lighter childhood hair. In case your current hair color is drastically different from your baby hair, go to a hair salon. The risk of damage is always greater when you dye your hair yourself. If your hair has a metallic glow, pull out light ash-dark strands that will soften it if you do brown or copper-colored strands on your hair with cold shades.

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