Choose functional foods that fit your body

We should always choose functional foods (suitable for our body) between harmful industrial foods, fast food foods and vegetarian and macrobiotic foods. FH is a nutrition concept that has a positive impact on various aspects of human health. FHs (Food, Health) are foods with a balanced nutrient ratio. In addition to building and energy function, they contribute to reducing the risk of disease.
This concept originated in Japan in the 1980s.
Kaizen is a Japanese term meaning “change for the better” or “continuous improvement.”

Today, FH (Food Health)manufacturers there receive FOSHU (certification from the Ministry of Health). FH would therefore be something between harmful and nutritionally poor foods on the one hand and macrobiotic / vegetarian foods on the other. We should not go to the extreme when choosing menus and foods.
People often say that they like healthy foods (organic and bio foods). But on the other hand healthy food is Russian salad with mayonnaise, cream cheese, rolls with meat and cabbage. This food is not a sin, as evidenced by the so-called French paradox. The French (according to official statistics), together with the Greeks (from the island of Crete), are the longest-lived people in Europe. They have the least obese people and the lowest percentage of patients with colon cancer.
The French invented popular baguettes, croissants, … etc. They are known for wines, cheeses (over 300 types of cheeses).So we should not be vegetarian or macrobiotic at all costs (these individuals are known to have low immunity).
In its original sense, the Japanese concept of FH has two main components:
-dietary vegetable fibers (powdered, granular and flaked)
-omega 3 acids of plant sources
-extracts of various plants
-dried fruits
-seeds and bony fruits.

FH can be Muesli flakes, juice, milk product or milk shake, an energy bar for eating. Also, we need to be careful when buying fish. Fish from the northern seas (such as sardines) are threatened by heavy metals (mercury, iron, cadmium). The taste of tomatoes has changed greatly. Farmers are advised to use herbicides and pesticides to make their tomatoes large and huge (grown quickly in greenhouses with droplets). Always buy smaller tomatoes. We know that organic food has been the most sought after in the world in recent years (where soil has not been treated with herbicides and pesticides for at least three years). Keep green plants (spinach, sprouts) in water (before cooking) with baking soda for at least three hours before use. Rinse with a strong stream of water.
In the last 50 years, statistically, foods have lost at least 40% of vitamins and minerals. It turns out that it is healthier to buy fruits and vegetables in large shopping malls (because it is controlled).
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The Japanese concept of FH can have a preventive effect on various digestive tract problems, cardio-vascular problems, therapeutic effects on gastric ulcer, nervous bowel syndrome, constipation. , where the results of the reduction were verified by laboratory tests. Functional foods can replace up to 40% of medications.
It is a well-known worldwide campaign that statins are the best medicine for reducing cholesterol. According to official statistics, 75% of Americans who have had a heart attack have never had high cholesterol. So cholesterol is not the only cause of heart attacks. Always be careful what you buy. Buy handmade sourdough instead of factory ones. In the factory sheds, the meat is mechanically boned (which essentially means waste). The chicken scallops have skin, legs and crosses. Nothing is thrown away. When this grind is obtained an emulsion is inserted into the mixer. When boiling salami per 100 kilograms of meat, 55 kilograms of ice is placed (ice is used to prevent the meat from heating in the mixers). Pizza ham is made by placing 120 liters of water per 100 kg of meat, which binds all the chemicals to the meat. One of them is so called “Carraggenan” (proven carcinogenic).
Read product declarations, shop with local manufacturers. Get informed. It’s always better to eat yogurt with apple slices than suspicious sourdough or salami. Good luck.


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