Los Angeles residents love the tradition evidenced by Hollywood’s golden age hotels

When the hotel rooms of all Los Angeles open-air hotels could tell — many interesting, intriguing and instructive stories would tell us. An estimated 98% of Los Angeles residents are never Hotels, however, exclusively for tourists. The remaining 2% is made up of Los Angeles residents who consider hotels their second home. This is where socializing in the bars, swimming in the pools, celebrating birthdays and holding business meetings continue. Those with options live in a hotel if they prefer the luxury of a hotel more than the privacy of a home. http://www.thenomadhotel.com
In the film and music industries, most people work as “freelancers”, and even have unofficial offices in hotels. Downtown is the historic part of town. It’s an interesting mix of old luxury (hotels, office buildings and movie theaters from the beginning of the last century) and new skyscrapers and the whole homeless tent. This is where the artists who left the old companies and opened new offices and new companies live here. The creatives turned abandoned Downtown buildings and offices into lofts. Galleries, restaurants, shops started to open. Large luxury lofts were started by wealthy young people who are not attached to Hollywood. Downtown is experiencing a renaissance.
The Gannini Palace is the building where the Bank of Italy (later Bank of America) was opened in 1923. The building was designed by architects: Morgan, Walls & Clements who worked on other famous and lavish buildings of the time (Mayan, El Capitain, … etc.). This neo-classical building has become a symbol of the city over time. It has Doric columns and gold ceilings. In the 1980s, after the bank moved out, Giannini Palace began to decline. And until recently, this shabby building was one of the ugliest scenes in Los Angeles.
Investors from the Sydell Building Group have restored their former splendor. They opened the first NoMad Hotel in New York in 2012 and the second NoMad Hotel opened in Los Angeles (at the Giannini Palace Building) in 2018. Investors bought the building for $ 39 million and renovated it for a further $ 180 million. The luxury of the old Europe hotel NoMad was breathed by Parisian interior designer Jacques Garcia. The hotel is adorned with beautiful velvet in gemstones, old gold, vintage leather, and brocade floral patterns. The huge safe (which can fit 12,000 vaults) with a door of 50 tons is reminiscent of the banking past. It fits neatly into the entire hotel interior.
The lobby is divided into several spaces with bars above which is a fascinating gold ceiling. The Lobby Restaurant has a lounge bar and a library that look like an elegant lounge. Next to the restaurant are the Gianni Bar and the Mezzanine Restaurant. At the other end of the building is a Coffee Bar with an interior full of gold inspired by Caffe Florian in Venice. The rooftop has a swimming pool, a cafe and a bar overlooking Los Angeles. The rooftop terrace is decorated with lemon trees in large terracotta pots and a replica of 16th century sculpture from Parco dei Mostri in Bomarz. All this combines the atmosphere of the old Italian villas with the view of a great American city. The hotel has 241 rooms spread over ten floors. Overnight accommodation is from 315 US and more. With all the luxury and design, the NoMad Hotel lacks the stories, scandals and glorious names that make up the history of old Hollywood hotels.
The legend among the buildings in Los Angeles is Chateau Marmont (on Sunset Boulevard). This is a luxurious mansion inspired by the castles along the Loire River. It was built in 1929. In the 1930s it was converted into a hotel. Then a pool and nine Spanish-style bungalows were made. Most rooms have a kitchen, living room and some have a dining area and balcony. Columbia Pictures founder Henry Cohn said, “If you need to make trouble, do it at the Chateau Marmont.” This hotel is mentioned in many books, songs, and has been featured in some films.www.chateaumarmont.com
Investor Andre Balasz bought the hotel in the 1990s and renovated it to keep the old-fashioned and dusty look under pressure from fans. The hotel has 60 rooms. Overnight accommodation is 550 US and above.
The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel was built in 1927. Its construction was funded by movie stars. Today, this hotel is visited by successful young creatives. The hotel is located on Hollywood Boulevard across from the Chinese Theater. It is designed in Spanish style. The first Academy Award was held here in 1929, which lasted only 15 minutes. The ticket then cost US $ 5. The hotel today has 300 rooms.https://www.thehollywoodroosevelt.com
The Beverly Hills Hotel is tucked away in the green outside Beverly Hills Center, Pink Palace. This hotel is known for its luxurious bungalows set in a tropical garden. Legend has it that the famous Eagles’ 1976 California Hotel song was inspired by this hotel.lovebeverlyhills.com
Sunset Tower Hotel is located on Sunset Boulevard. This building is a masterpiece of art-deco architecture. It was once a residential building. The Sunset Tower was converted into a hotel in the 1980s. He has already earned the status of Legend of the City of Los Angeles. Overnight is 395 USA.
The Beverly Hilton Hotel was opened in 1955. This hotel has been hosting the Golden Globes since 1961. Today, 175 red carpets are spread here each year and countless parties take place, making this hotel an inevitable part of social events. The hotel was renovated in 2006. It retains the old charm with a range of contemporary luxury. Overnight accommodation is 295 USA.

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