Make over of the living room where we spend the most time

Divide the living room or living room into smaller functional units according to your needs. So you have a small space to entertain with TV, to read, to flower in pots, to chat with guests.
Feng Shui Living Room Tips:
-Move the sofa in a flat position with the door and so you have a unobstructed view of the living room.
-the ideal are single-colored carpets. Opt for moderate earth tones. They symbolically represent the tenacity and rootedness of the home.
– Enter the elements or symbols of life (aquarium, small fountain, flowers in pots). The aquarium has a positive effect on good communication among the household. It broadcasts the message that it is possible to live harmoniously and in harmony with one another. (like small fish in an aquarium).
-the table in the living room is worthy of special attention. Keep it neat and clean and free from unnecessary trifles. The table symbolizes health, so keep it clean.
apoteka naslov
Small home test:
1. Is your living room dominated by a large and unusual piece of furniture? A. Yes. B. I have multiple large pieces of furniture. C. No. I don’t have big pieces of furniture.
2. Do you have pictures in the living room, important for flowers or small tables? A. Yes. All items are the same style. My collection has been exhibited with special care. B. Yes but the items do not have a common thread that binds them. C. Details are not my forte. Either I have too many or I don’t have any.
3. Do you have a collection of items in the living room? (books, pictures, … etc)? A. Yes. My collection has been exhibited with special care. B. That although the items are not neatly placed. C. I’m not a collector of things.
4. How do you feel in your living room? A. It’s my favorite room in the home. B. Good though I seem to be missing something. C. A little disappointed. I think the living room should look better and be better decorated.
Most A-answers – your living room is perfect. Thanks to the refined taste and the right choice of things, you have designed a space in a comfortable home.
Most B answers – good start. You have a central element (for example a fireplace, a partition painted in striking color, a large window, and the like). When it comes to details – you overdo it a little or don’t have it at all.
Maximum C Answers – You are not thinking about decorating your living space. Still, the living room is perhaps the most important space in the home. Look for inspiration or ask for tips to make your living room more comfortable.

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