The Baroque era and the art of exaggeration are coming back

The beginning of the millennium was marked by mostly minimalism and clean lines. In recent years, we have felt (in all walks of life) that the Baroque era is coming back. Baroque is felt in the music of A. Vivaldi and his expressive concert for four violins “Four Seasons”.

Baroque is felt in painting through the works of Rembrandt (his dramatic painting “Night Watch”). In architecture, it is the hysterical castle of Versailles (the work of the architects Le Vau and Mansart). The Baroque style, from the beginning of the 17th century to the end of the 18th century (by definition), is an olfactive language. Baroque is a period of time marked by playfulness, illusionism, monumental and exaggeration. The greatest Baroque composer of all time is the British Henry Purcell. Today (after almost two centuries) the Baroque is coming back. This is not necessarily an exaggeration of all things and unreasonable, nor does it have to mean mindless style. Baroque can be clothing without ornaments, textures and patterns that, for example, looks lavish and playful (by itself). Baroque can be anything that gives you the strength and energy to burst with pleasure and joy, delight and happiness. Baroque lovers are hedonists, they love a beautiful, sensual and warm environment, they love the dynamics of life and that is why they do not apologize to anyone. They love life to the fullest. Long live the Baroque. Baroque lovers always “struggle” with their particular dynamic lifestyle to never return to the age of minimalism.

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