Technology has made our lives much easier

In 1995 two New York journalists Sherrie Schneider and Elen Fein have written the worldwide hit “The Rules” (with tips for finding partners). A few years ago, in 2013, they wrote the second book, New Rules, for the 21st Century, that is, the new digital age. Their first book (though published before the advent of social networks) was published in the USA back in 1995 and immediately found itself on the bestseller list. The book has been translated into 18 languages. One rule has remained the same for both books: whatever happens, a woman has to give the impression that she needs to make a lot of effort.
The Internet and new technology have created a number of new trends and customs. We now have many different applications and new ways of communicating. This is great. Only the fact remains that overuse of technology and possible misuse is the downside. The authors wrote in their books the advice of their daughters. They claim, for example, that a woman should not send a friend request to Facebook, but wait until she receives the request first. In the 1990s, we only communicated by phone, unlike today when we have Facebook, SMS, Twitter, Instagram, email and more.
According to the first book, women should not pick up the handset after the first ring, but let the phone ring several times. The rule of procrastination applies to the new, digital age. When women receive an email, they should wait for at least half an hour to respond. They further advise that no reply should be emailed to you before noon if you have received an email shortly after midnight.
Their golden rule is: never send another message unless you have received a reply to your first message. Their rule for women is that from Friday night until Monday morning, women should “disappear” from social networks, turn off their cell phones and not respond to emails. Thus, the authors say, women build the image of a “hard-to-reach person” who has a life of her own. So says the golden maxim created long before the digital age – less is more.
For online chat, their rule is that the conversation should always end with a woman explaining that she has a lot of obligations. Once you have found the right partner, you need to find more information about him. It is not a stalking but a method of checking among everyone who has used technology for years to get to know someone.

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