The Norwegian capital Oslo is becoming more attractive to tourists

Popular Norwegian writer and musician Jo Nesbø says of his hometown of Oslo: “Exciting, modern and comfortable to live in.” Until a few decades ago, Oslo was considered one of the most boring cities in Europe. In the 19th century, Oslo was considered an uncertain and harsh city for life. Thus he was nicknamed “Tigerstaden” (City of Tigers). Today, the Norwegian capital is one of the most expensive cities in the world. Living here is relaxed and stress-free. Modern architecture leaves visitors breathless. Oslo is being built and changed every day. The warmth of this city is evidenced by the hashtag #OsLOVE under which the city is promoted worldwide on all social networks.
Oslo has just under one million inhabitants and is an ideal city for tourists. It is best to visit it in early spring. May 17 is the most important national holiday – Constitution Day. This date is the memory of 1814 when the Norwegian Parliament proclaimed the Declaration of Independence from Denmark. Citizens then wear folk costumes and wave flags all over the city. The sounds of street orchestras echo in the streets. At the end of May, temperatures are around 20 ° C, so life moves to streets, terraces and parks. The most popular place in the city is Sudøst (Trondheimsveien 5), Lofoten and Maaemo.
Alcoholic beverages and cigarettes are very expensive here. Popular night bars are open until half past four in the morning, as the law says. The main city street is Karl Johan Street, where all the restaurants, bars, shops are located. and art in Oslo will find many interesting galleries and museums.
It is recommended that you visit the National Museum to see the “Creek”, a famous painting by Edward Munch. The Viking Maritime Museum is particularly interesting. The Historic Museum dedicated to the Fram ship that was built in 1829 for an expedition to the North Pole. The Kon-Tiki Museum is a raft used by Norwegian scientist and researcher Thor Heyerdahl in 1947 with five friends to sail from Peru to French Polynesia.The Ski Museum is popular with tourists.
Vigeland Park is popular when the weather is nice because it has 212 bronze sculptures. They were built by Gustav Vigeland a Norwegian sculptor. The park has a playground for children, walks and fountains.
In summer, the sun-bathed fjords can be visited by boat. A two-hour ride costs about 30 Euros. The choice of hotel accommodation in Oslo is enviable. The popular CityBox (Prinsens gate 6) is priced at around 70 Euros. The Thief exclusive hotel is for deeper pocket visitors (about 400 Euro per night).
In Oslo everything is paid with credit cards. Money is less and less in circulation. It is planned to phase out cash payments completely in 2020.


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