Visiting Salzburg is an extraordinary experience

Salzburg transformed from a medieval to a baroque city in the 16th to 18th centuries. The city has maintained its baroque appearance to this day. The architectural stamp was given to the city by Wolf Dietrich von Raitenau, Markus Sittikus and Paris Londron (architects). It was because of the architecture of Salzburg that it was called German Rome. The Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
W. A. Mozart is a trademark of the city. His birthplace is a museum today. The Salzburg Amadeus Orchestra presents Mozart’s greatest musical works. ( It is advisable to buy a Salzburg ticket as it will provide you with many amenities (free public transportation, visits to museums, etc.).
The popular movie “Sound of Music” (Julia Andrews and Christopher Plummer) was shot in 1964 in and around Salzburg. If you want to see the locations where the movie was shot, you can pay for a tourist tour and relive some of the movie scenes.
The 11th-century Hohensalzburg Fort was built on Mönchberg Hill. This is one of the oldest and most preserved European forts. Although it served as the seat of the archbishop during the wars, it is today a symbol of the city. You can reach the fort by foot or by funicular. The city cathedral, Mirabell Castle, many churches and other famous buildings owe the city to Italian and Austrian esteemed builders. Thus, Salzburg was built according to the plan of the Ideal Renaissance city of Vincenzo Scamozzi. Around 5 squares were built (Mozartplatz, Residentzplatz, Domplatz, Kapitelplatz and the complex around the church and monastery of St. Peter). A new part of the city has developed on the right bank of the Salzach River. The more famous buildings across the river are Miarbell Castle, Mozarteum, Holy Trinity Church, and St. Sebastian (with a cemetery modeled after the cemetery in Pisa).
1816 Priest Josef Franz Mohr wrote the popular Christmas song Silent Night in the Oberndorf Village near Salzburg.
Hallstatt and Durnberg are the well-known salt mines named after the city. These mines were once the basis of wealth. They were exploited from 800 BC to 1989. The last mine was closed in 1989. Tourists visit the mines today and go down the water slidefrom 40 meters away, they ride the boat through a beautiful underground lake with unusual sounds and sound effects. Blue Mozart chocolate balls are the only original desserts. The recipe is not protected so others have started making this candy. The price of the original Mozart balls is much higher than the industrial ones.

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