Las Vegas is a city of luxury and splendor in the American desert of Nevada

The so-called Sin City, a city of gambling and sin, has always delighted millions of visitors with imaginatively and sumptuously decorated hotels, greenery amidst the desert landscape and plenty of entertainment and leisure facilities. The best time to visit Las Vegas is late fall or winter because of the hot desert climate. However, tourists also visit it during the rest of the year because when you think you will be able to breathe out the heat you can always enter one of the chilled hotels. Also, as you stroll the streets of the city, sellers from nearby stands and shops refresh you with essential oil dispensers.
Las Vegas, although not a large city in American terms, was created in 1855 in the southeast of Nevada. For a period of time, the city was abandoned as a trading post on the way to California. The city was not developed until the beginning of the last century. Then the city was only a small settlement. Las Vegas becomes a tourist headquarters by building an airport and a network of railways.
Over time, it has become known in the United States and around the world for its numerous casinos and glittering hotel complexes. Today, many tourists come to Vegas because the overnight stay is good (from 100 Euro and up). Slot machines are dumped all over town. Public garages are generally free. On either side of the road is a desert adorned with giant sumptuous palm trees, flowers, statues and water fountains.
If you want to see some of the best hotels in Las Vegas visit Hotel The Venetian. There are 7000 rooms and suites that reflect the luxury and original idea that extends into the interior design. The hotel is a copy of the famous Venice. There are as many as 20 restaurants serving top chefs.
The Bellagio Hotel loves to be luxurious. At the entrance is a huge artificial lake with 1200 fountains. The hotel has a Light show, and magnificent glass ceilings. He is known for various guest appearances such as Cirque de Soleil.
Mandalay Bay, Luxor, New York, Paris Las Vegas, MGM Grand are just some of the great hotel buildings in the city. Most hotels are located on the main street, popularly called the Strip. Each hotel is a small town with everything you need for every traveler / visitor.
Las Vegas is known for its instant weddings and the many chapels which hold the weddings in. Over 100,000 weddings are held annually. You do not need special attire for the wedding ceremony in the city,and you can get godparents in the chapel. If you are in a hurry, you can make an instant wedding out of the car while answering priest’s questions through a proclamation.
The night panorama of the city is best enjoyed on the lookout (Eiffel Tower) and on top of the Stratosphere Tower. The city is best viewed on foot or by monorail (overhead train) which visas between hotels. You can buy a casino tour or rent a presidential limousine. In addition to hotels and hotel attractions, you can view the Botanical Garden or Chinatown and visit one of the many galleries or museums in the city. You can shoot a real gun at the Gun Store.
If you have a day of excess you can rent a car and visit the Hoover Dam-Grand Dam in Colorado, visit Lake Mead, the exciting Red Rock Canyon or Death Valley. You can make the trip to the Grand Canyon that has flowed the Colorado River for millions of years.
You can get a free copy of the city map in the city to make your stay easier. To buy souvenirs, clothing, footwear and other supplies, it’s best to visit Miracle Mile Shops (Down Town).
Casinos are strictly forbidden to take pictures with cameras and cameras. You get free drinks and cocktails while sitting at the vending machine.


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