Namibia is an undiscovered empire full of curiosities and contrasts

Namibia is an African country where something at first glance looks lifeless, but in fact it is full of diverse flora and fauna. The harshness of the desert will not turn against you here. On the contrary, the Namibian desert will become an interesting place where you will feel comfortable and discover new interesting details every moment.
Namibia is synonymous with the harsh areas (which we may not be used to), the sun, sand and endless dashed lines on the road and a few dried up plants near the road.
Namibia has the largest river underground lake (Dragon’s Breath) that was discovered some thirty years ago. Namibia is home to the #Fish River Canyon after the US Grand Canyon in Namibia. ” It is 160 kilometers long and 27 kilometers wide. The tiny meandering river has a 500-meter deep abyss. It is located in the heart of the Namibian desert. Cross. The compass is useless in the desert because the sand is rich in iron. Sand dunes are your best landmark in the Namibian desert. They extend in a north-south direction. Their peaks are shaped by the wind (depending on the time of year and the type of wind that blows then). If you do not know what wind is blowing, walk perpendicular to the dunes and you will arrive on the coast or less inhospitable inland. It is a common belief that sand dunes are moving – this is not exactly true in Namibia. The dunes are steady and each has its own number. They are the oldest dunes with a single-digit number. They are located along the coast. New dunes are forming in the interior of the desert. The dunes are several hundred meters high giants where you can often see many tourists. The basis of the desert Eco-system is the pomegranate plant with several large green fruits. Around its stem the wind deposits the sand with which the plant grows. In front of the dunes (where the water stops and soaks the soil) an oasis of greenery is created where new plants (called “nara”) grow with them and new dunes. Year after year, the desert expands from the coast into the interior of the country. The “nara” plant helps (with its growth and sand broth) to expand the desert.
Public transport in Namibia does not exist. It is best to be a tourist on an organized tour. Or rent your own car. Then get well informed about road conditions. After heavy rains and torrential waters, some roads become
Namibia is extremely rich in diamonds. Due to the exploitation of diamonds in some parts of the country, access is prohibited. This is where people in the sand (under their feet) can discover diamonds.
Namibia pay a lot of attention to protecting the environment. Although one of the youngest countries in the world, it is the first to introduce (into its constitution) environmental protection and 14% of the country is under some form of environmental protection. The Namib and Kalahari deserts are among the oldest in the world.
Namibia (after Mongolia) is the second least populated country in the world. It has about 2 million inhabitants and a large area (2.5 inhabitants / km²). The capital Windhoek Swakopmund is located in the Atlantic Ocean and is the most popular choice for tourists (as a starting point) Cape Cross is the place where Europeans (Dutch) first landed 1485. It is located 100 kilometers from the capital.
The Germans included Namibia in their colonial empire in the 19th century. They called it Germany South Africa. Namibia gained independence by secession from South Africa in 1990. On the first day of spring, March 21, Namibia became an independent state. No matter how you prepare in advance to visit the strange destinations of the world Namibia will always have some detail that will delight you.

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