Human skin behavior when exposed to sunlight and the philosophy of sunbathing

Today, most often due to climate change, it is difficult to predict when summer begins. This unclear blend of seasons reflects on fashion and cosmetic trends. Regardless of the unpredictability of the cosmetics companies, their care products and sun protection products are geared to every possible climate change. For a long time the textures were in the background. Priority was high mineral factors that left oily and thick white layers on the skin of the face and body. Today, attention is paid to how a particular preparation (product) will behave on human skin.
Modern textures behave in different ways on oily, dry, sensitive, temporal or combination skin. This process is accompanied by optimal protection of the chemical or mineral origin. Today, most attention is paid to problematic skin conditions. Examples of this are acne prone skin, sun-prone skin (allergies), or skin that shines excessively. Formulas have also been enhanced in an aesthetic sense as they have a so-called anti-age effect.
An inexhaustible source of inspiration is the behavior of plants in extreme conditions (strong UV radiation, summers with high temperatures, harsh winters and the like). The molecules derived from the essences of such plants have been an absolute hit for years. Although scientists are always paying attention to compounds of lycocalcone, glycyrrhetinic acid and similar polymers. These are the pioneers of biosecurity acting at the cellular level. Their natural origin allows for a perfect blend with the natural ecosystem of human skin. Therefore, there is a medical product that is able to prevent various non-melanoma changes in the skin.
The cosmetic industry is moving towards holistic approaches to skin care. Today, products that respect the biological composition of the skin are manufactured. People are more responsible when it comes to behaving in the bright sun or other ways to darken their skin quickly. Tanning is still popular, but the popularity of fast tanning products is increasing. The No7 Quick Dry 360 Airbrush self-tanning spray (due to its wide applicator for even color application) is extremely popular in the UK. Leaves no orange marks on fingers (after use).
L˟oreal Sublime Bronze Pro Perfect Airbrush is popular in the United States. One possible problem is the appearance of melanoma on the nails. It is popular to apply a permanent varnish that uses acrylic paints (which harden and dry under intense UV lamps) but also very dangerous. If repeated every 3 to weeks the nail becomes sensitive. The basis for the development of malignant changes is created. Decisions about such treatments should be thinned out. Or polish your nails with regular polishes.
Sunbathing Athlete-Skin Athletes who spend more time in the field than indoors are exposed to UVA and UVB radiation (significantly more than allowed). It is important for these individuals that the products they use contain SPF 50 protection and be resistant to water and sweat (which have the effect of reducing the layer and strength of protection). Certain sports cause uneven tanning of the skin (due to specific sports equipment). This is why camouflage funds are needed in everyday life. Darker powders (containing SPF) are a practical aid for concealing traces of a swimsuit on the body. A BB cream is sufficient for the face to even out and brighten the complexion with a healthier glow.
Anti-Age Skin Care – New formulas with more desirable textures and fragrances have a trans formative effect on the skin. Preparations that contain illuminating particles perfectly revive the gray complexion and further nourish the skin. For people who know that tanning will end up with irregular patches of skin, products with bleaching effects are recommended.
Extended tanning – Although oils with a protective factor leave the skin soft and nourished after showering, other skin defense mechanisms need to be activated after exposure to the sun. penetrate the epidermis and repair damaged cells.
Occurrence of acne on the skin and enlarged pores-for skin that for hormonal or other reasons responds to acne and inflammatory pores, sun exposure can be devastating or healing. You should pay attention to the routine of daily washing and cleansing of the skin because sunbathing products are more dense than conventional skin care products . They can clog pores on the face. It is important to choose greasy and fluid textures that are also suitable for face makeup.
Skin care jam-skin for sun exposure should be prepared internally and externally. A traditional grated carrot recipe mixed with olive oil is always a great choice. Shopping jams for face and body skin care are also popular today. They are rich in nutrients that promote darkening (beta-carotene). Jams do not protect the skin in the sun. Therefore, it is important to use them only as a tanner (before and after sunbathing).
Preparing skin for the sun – other than beta-carotene and lycopene (important for darkening and immunoprotecting skin cells derived from tomatoes and carrots), one of the most important protectors is astaxanthin. This ingredient has 550 times the protection against vitamin E and ten times the protection against beta-carotene. Skin cells absorb harmful residues of oxidative stress and astaxanthin has a detox function (eliminates accumulated cellular poisons). It is important to start preparing your tanning skin a month early (with dietary supplements).
Sensitivity to sunbathing and allergies – many sunbathe because of their desire for an aristocratic complexion. Avoiding sunbathing is important because of the occurrence of allergies, redness and tiny, unpleasant blisters on the skin. It is essential to use high levels of protection when dealing with these problems. For this, the best mineral factors are blocking and reflecting solar radiation. Sunrise should be avoided.
Maximum protection for light complexion – if you want to keep the light on, get a large rim hat and go out when the sun goes down. It is best to use sunscreen products that provide powerful and invisible skin protection.

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