Apivita Natural Beauty Products

The secret of youthful skin comes from nature. It all started at the pharmacy 40 years ago. Today, they continue to promote beauty in a unique way.
Natural-85% to 100% pure ingredients with pure bee products and organic essential oils.
Effective – 8 active ingredients and over ten innovations
Holistic – with essential oils that have a beneficial effect on the body, mind and soul. http://www.apivita.com
Apivita Cosmetics is inspired by Hippocrates’ holistic approach. Uses pure organic certified essential oils. No products contain parabens, polypropylene glycol, silicones, artificial colors and fragrances. It is quickly absorbed and has an effective effect on the skin. It calms the senses at the same time. It elevates mood by bringing well-being and well-being. Apivita is inspired by the bee company. All formulas are enriched with bee products of high biological proven effectiveness. One of these products is the propolis-miracle antiseptic of nature and the distinctive element of Apivita. Thanks to its antiseptic and antioxidant effects, it improves product efficiency. The biggest ingredient of any face and skin care product is water. Apivita replaced plain water with organic infusions, including infusions of green tea, rosemary water, dandelion water and hamamelis.
The philosophy of effective facial care is produced through 3 processes: hydration, anti-age care and lifting.

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