Cold metal in the production of furniture and various objects

The choice of luxury materials and expensive technologies is unavailable to most designers and creators in times of crisis. Some are politically incorrect. Looking for cheap materials and new solutions. Metal, metal mesh and perforated sheet metal are among the solutions. Today, these inexpensive solutions are widely used for facades because of the great savings in air conditioning. Due to their cooling properties, these materials have become a new trend in the world.
At the same time, they are lightweight, extremely sturdy. Metal, metal mesh and perforated sheet metal have become desirable especially in the production of outdoor furniture. They are breathable and ideal for garden tables, chairs or benches where you won’t “stick” in high heat. It will take a long time and they are a good investment. Perforations smoothly transmit the light needed for photosynthesis, plants under this table will grow undisturbed. The visual unobtrusiveness makes it ideal for more modest interiors.
Using these materials is not new. 1938 Hans Coray created the Landy chair with perforated metal. 192 Gerrit Rietveld created the Armchair Aluminum. American designers Harry Bertoia, Charles and Ray Eames used a metal mesh in the middle of the last century. 1986 Shiro Kuramata gave a poetic solution for using a metal mesh. Kuramata created the armchair “How High the Moon”, which was named after the famous jazz standard. Kuramata evoked the moon’s luster. Due to the sluggishness of the eye, his chair looks as flickering as the moonlight.
Never before have these metal materials become so popular. Today’s designers and creators combine metal with wood. It’s a great combination of cold (metal) with wood (warm) and soft upholstery. Currently, there is a popular industrial style of home furnishings in which metal objects will fit perfectly for their convenience and cheapness.
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