Conditioning programs are for good fun and healthy weight loss

Many people at the beginning of the New Year are waiting for this “Monday” to start and start exercising to maintain health (and possibly lose weight). In addition to the many new programs emerging in the world, it is difficult to remain passive. In addition to reducing fat, these programs offer good entertainment with outdoor music (outdoors or in the halls). For example, dance aerobics appears within zumba, glam dance fitness or bokwa. It requires comfortable clothing and sneakers. Athletic discipline from ancient Greece and one of the cheapest methods of exercise – running also requires comfortable clothing and running shoes. For anyone who loves indoor or indoor venues, TRX Pilates, Summer Body, Metabolic Effect, or Step Aerobics is a good choice. These are programs where the monotony of exercise is “broken” by using numerous props or merging incompatible workouts into one (Pilates and Taekwondo, Soft drill). Localized exercise in face exercise and Brazil butt lift strengthens the muscles of the back and tightens the skin of the face without the help of an cosmetic surgeon.
Brasil butt lift is a set of exercises for the back of the body. Brazilian Leandro Carvalho designed this program for model Alessandro Ambrosio (Victoria’s Angel). The program was soon a hit. This exercise tightens three gluteus muscles on all sides. At the same time, the whole body is shaped. The results are visible after 60 days of exercise.
TRX Pilates – A new program for achieving form and mobility has been devised through the combination of friction with the use of suspension training belts and classical ballet. The 60 minute workout is accompanied by ambient music. Exercise requisites (sticks, balls and weights) are exchanged. Weight of one’s body is the main load that exercises can be overcome. Each person performs an exercise adapted to their abilities and fitness. Due to its complexity, this program is intended for younger people who consume 400 calories (per workout). The exercises are done in a group of 8 to 12 people (twice a week).
Metabolic effect is an individual 30 minute workout where calories are burned after exercise. This smart exercise is divided into four stages during which hormones (that speed up the metabolism) are released. The focus is on raising the heart rate by warming the body. Then, stretching and fitness (sprint drill) exercises are done, which is a standard exercise program for all runners. Stretching slows the heart rate in the last five minutes of exercise. 30 is the optimum number of trainers in the gym.
Glam Dance Fitness – a method of exercise that uses the classic elements of aerobics (jumps, cross steps and body turns, dance). The 60 minute training choreography features standard and Latin dance figures, freestyle and ballet. The programs are done in a well-sounded hall. The backbone of this program is music (hip-hop, reggae ton, r’n’b) and good running complexes. No exercise equipment is used. The clothes should be comfortable and feminine. For the last twenty minutes, each person presents a rehearsed choreography in front of a large mirror. This gives the impression of a first public appearance. The program runs twice a week and consumes 500-800 calories. After five training sessions the results are visible.
Bokwa Fitness is the answer to Latin American Zumba. It was designed by dancer and aerobics instructor Paul Mavi (from Johannesburg – South Africa). Intense cardio training combines elements of African dance, Capoeira and kickboxing. The seemingly complicated choreography consists of steps that print numbers and letters on the floor. This exercise method burns up to 1500 calories. It affects the reduction of subcutaneous fat, positively affects the respiratory system, promotes circulation and flexibility, exercises are performed with dynamic music.
Adidas Running School-Runs outdoors. Each time on a different run route. Participants are preparing for the half marathon. They are divided into groups depending on their fitness. The goal of this school is to create a daily routine that improves general health, brings the body into shape.
Step Aerobic. Appeared in 1989. its popularity has not waned. The program is very effective. During 60 minutes of training, 600 calories are lost. The main props are the stepper-bench to which the trainee climbs and lowers, walks around with dance, house and r’n’b music. It is advisable to consult a doctor before going to this type of exercise. Due to the heavy load on the joints, the step aerobic program is not for people who have problems with their hips, knees, or who suffer from a chronic condition.
Soft Drill – a combination of Pilates and Martial Arts. Ball, weights, elastic bands and other props are used. The program is divided into three levels based on the complexity and intensity of the exercise. The goal of the program is to shape the body and improve fitness. This is achieved by a combination of aerobic and anaerobic regimens during each workout. Training lasts 5 minutes (twice a week). Suitable for mature women due to strictly controlled movements there is no risk of injury. It consumes 300-400 calories per workout in groups of 8 to 12 people (women).
Face Exercise-fitness is an exercise that strengthens the facial muscles and tightens the skin without aesthetic procedures. The fullness of the lips is achieved. The exercise lasts 45 minutes. It is performed with relaxing music. The exercise begins with a ten-minute self-massage. The hands lift the skin from the neck to the forehead. It continues with exercises for all 57 facial muscles for 25 minutes. Special exercise is reserved for the effect of better lips. Energetic punching with the index finger in the middle of the lips. The program ends by putting on a face mask. The results are visible after a month of exercise.
Summer Body is a 4 month body shaping program. The results are visible after 30 days. The diet plan is tailored to each person. The training is individual. Exercise three times a week for 60 minutes. Ball, weights, cardio equipment (orbitreck and bicycle) are used. The menu is shaped according to the metabolism and body weight of each person. An average female who weighs 6 pounds by weight loses 400 to 500 calories. Because of frequent jumps, the program is not recommended for adults, those who are not engaged in physical activity or suffering from osteoporosis. It is done with hose, dance and r’n’b music. The exercises are performed in a group of 8 to 12 people.
Columbia-based Zumba Fitness-Beto Perez designed the program. Perez forgot to bring his CD for his course so he designed the choreography with music from his car (salsa, merengue-original music and dance from the Dominican Republic). This program improves the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Strengthens the muscles of the upper and lower body and thighs, guarantees the reduction of subcutaneous adipose tissue. Training takes 50 minutes and consumes up to 750 calories. Through simple steps regardless of age and dance experience of trainees.
Aqua Zumba- is a version of Zumba Fitness. Exercise is in the pool or at sea. It is recommended for people with osteoporosis or joint problems. Water dampens jumps and kicks. At the same time it offers more resistance than air, so the loads are higher. 720 is a portable calorie per workout. The Zumba Step program strengthens the muscles of the back of the body and legs. Practice on a classic stepper. One workout loses up to 800 calories.

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