Favorite footwear around the world – so-called flip-flop slippers

Flip flops, made of rubber, leather or PVC are favorite beach or go-to shoes. These shoes are among the best selling in the world. Flip-flops in today’s world come with accessories of beads, plastic flowers, crystals, prints and rivets.
The slick type of footwear was worn in ancient Egypt 5000 years before the new era. The oldest pair of slippers made in 1500 BC is on display at the British Museum in London. Papyrus and palm leaves were the most used to make these shoes. In Africa, raw leather was used. The wood was used in India. Rice straw was used in China and Japan. Versions of modern slippers are modeled on the Japanese Dawn Shoes (rice straw). After World War II, they first appeared in the United States of America. Over time, they became more colorful and richer in prints and accessories. They are usually made of non-stick material that does not slip off the feet.
Flip-flop shoes were an important part of California’s beach life philosophy in the early 1960s. The hippies remembered them in the 70’s. Today the flip-flop sounds a little more muffled than it used to be. They have become an integral part of glamorous fashion collections. They dip softly into the red carpets. Decorated with crystals, metallic rivets (which gives them a metallic effect), ankle straps and prints are included in the fashion details of major fashion companies (Givenchy, Michael Kors, Tory Burch, Valentino and others). Until recently, the incomprehensible combination of these shoes with formal dresses has become a part of everyday life for all ages. According to the American Shoe Association, these shoes are a product sold worldwide in the hundreds of millions of pairs a year.
The name of the flip-flop slipper comes from the sound they produce when walking. The most famous Brazilian manufacturers of these footwear are Havainas and Amazonas (Petite Jolie and Ipanema). The models come in all sizes for children and adults and in all possible colors and shades. High gloss PVC mass is super popular for the production of flip-flop slippers. 1962 The first models of Havainas rubber slippers in Brazil (modeled on Japanese Dawn) were made.
This simple footwear model is manufactured in Brazil, Greece and Italy. A popular Greek brand is Ancient Greek Sandals.
In a workshop in the Greek capital, Athens is handcrafted by joiners. They use the traditional techniques of ancient Greece. Each model is sewn by hand from raw leather. No color, adhesive or other chemicals added. The models are inspired by ancient Greek myths, sculptures and poetry. Rubber slippers or luxury leather gladiator straps around the ankles can be purchased today. Metal rivets are added for decoration.
photos: http://www.pinterest.com


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