5 exciting destinations for spring and summer 2020

Fort Bragge California The United States of America-Glass Beach in MacKerricher National Park next to Fort Bragge California is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Residents dumped garbage here from the early to mid-20th century. There were old cars there. The area was closed in 1967. Then numerous waste cleaning operations were organized. Today, this beach with beautiful pieces of glass attracts tourists and locals alike. Many collectors (despite the ban) collect pieces of glass debris that have been stripped of shine by the ocean for years and build sharp edges. Due to the polluted sea there is a danger that this glass will disappear.



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The Sultanate of Oman, an hour and a half drive from Dubai, is one of the most beautiful places on the Arabian Peninsula. The beautiful coastline is 1,700 kilometers long. Wellness hotels, spice market, diving, kayaking, boat rides, paragliding are among the offers for all tourists. There are bike tours and jeep rides.
Ibiza (Kingdom of Spain) -Playa de Bosa is a popular destination for tourists with many hotels. The get-togethers start from early spring and last until late fall. A popular hotel is Hard Rock. It has 493 rooms and numerous restaurants and swimming pools.
Beirut, Lebanon — call it the Middle East Paris. The sea, the sun and the sand are the main assets of Beirut. Gemmayze’s town quarter is a tourist favorite. Local specialties are tabbouleh (made from bulgur wheat) and fattush (pita bread).
Calgary Canada- This city owes prosperity to nearby oil fields. 1886 The Calgary Stampede Festival was launched. Promotes the Old West. Canadians do not use the term “Wild West.” The festival is held every year from 4 to 13 July. Calgary residents put on stetson hats and put on jeans clothing during the festival. There is a picturesque madness on the streets. The parade starts from the city center with chariots, horses and cowboys. The main events are at Stampede Park. Thousands of pancakes are distributed to guests of the event. There is a rodeo, saddle-riding, small-hurdle races that draw two pairs of horses. Calgary exudes the past 10 days.




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