5 unusual and useful innovations from the world

A little bit of tradition, surrealism and a lot of respect for the end consumer – these are all the features of today’s innovators. The end consumer wants simple and inexpensive items – it’s a formula for successful product design that catches the attention of people from all over the world
The synthetic “artificial flowers” is often associated with kitsch. The designers of the Dutch studio Wandschappen did not want to replace the real greenery with artificial plants made of organic monochrome felt. They wanted to offer the world a home decoration that is as attractive as art sculpture.
French designer Artur Erbsman created a lamp with an aluminum base and a water tank. Condensed steam is used to achieve diffuse lighting. The water evaporates and collects on the walls of the glass bubble under the influence of heat. He then goes back to the tank, imitating the circular flow of water in nature.
Old “bricoles” (wooden poles for connecting gondolas in the Venetian canal and lagoon) are not discarded even though they are no longer in use. The Italian studio Alcarol makes them unique furniture of marvelous beauty. – The wooden parts are carefully cleaned. They are disinfected with beeswax. They are immersed in a transparent resin that reminds the sea of ​​color and trapped air bubbles.
An ingenious and simple home solution is a bar stool called Revolver. The base of the chair is stable. The upper part (above the footrest) rotates with the body, allowing free movement with a constantly different look of the chair. This product was designed by American designer Leon Ransmeier for the Danish Hay Company.
Japanese cinematographer Takao Inoue has designed one of the most beautiful products: a magic lamp. His Tampopo lamp is an acrylic cube with a trapped dandelion flower in it. The dandelion is in the stage of bringing seeds. The latest OLED technology (hidden in the dandelion stem) was used as the light source. The eye is invisible, which contributes to the mystique of this magical lamp.

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