Lightweight Men’s / Women’s Shoes without Shoes (Gucci) Made in Italy

Lightweight men’s strapless shoes were created in Florence in 1953. They were created in the Gucci Gucci workshop (the owner of leather goods and an avid equestrian sports fan). These shoes are today the most famous moccasins in the world (casual shoes as comfortable as slippers). The shoes were created by his son Aldo Gucci whose vision was to bring his father’s business (saddles, reins, coasters, boots and other equestrian equipment) into fashion business.
There is the Gucci Museum in Florence.

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Over time, Gucci has become a luxury fashion brand from a specialized equestrian workshop. The new models come in patent leather and a gorgeous palette of vibrant colors, from crocodile and python leather to canvas with floral print. The upper part of the shoes was changing with the trends. The production method remained the same. Production of soles, cutting leather, mounting hand rings. All work is done manually. Production is strictly controlled. Each pair of footwear is made by a specially trained carpenter according to the scheme of Aldo Gucci from 1953. The shoes are made of Italian raw materials in the old Florentine factory which gives it exclusivity. Their price varies. Models in the seasonal collection cost around 400 EUR, while some celebratory collections cost more than a few hundred euros.
The trademark of these shoes is a ring-shaped horse chewed with a four-inch-long crossbar. These shoes were at the height of popularity in the mid-80s. 1985 was officially declared a work of art. They became part of the permanent exhibition of the New York Metropolitan Museum. The English call this model of leisure footwear the “most famous loafer”.

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