Reading Recommendations: January and February 2020

1.Journey by Moonlighte (Antal Szerb) – How to Escape Their Little Town Destiny (She from Husband and He from Obsessive Family) Ersi and Mihaly get married and go to Italy. Mihaly leaves the bride and embarks on a new journey that will shed some light on him.
2.Waiting for Robert Capa (Susana Fortes) is a biographical story of a famous Hungarian photojournalist, his passionate love affair and the huge price he was willing to pay to produce some of the most famous war photographs.
3.The Hairy Bykers’ Perfect Pies (Si King & Dave Myers) – a delicious pie is the perfect gastronomic contribution to the warm atmosphere of a home. The secret of its preparation is revealed by two bikers.
.Trylle Trylogy (Amanda Hocking) – Trylle trilogy has been sold worldwide in more than one million copies. The mystical creatures of the fantasy world encountered by the novel’s protagonist will also be your favorite pastime.
5.Side Effects (Woody Allen) – one of three collections of stories from an early period cult American director, actor and writer. His humor, neuroticism and cynicism come to the fore.
6.Snobs (Julian Fellowes) – author of the Downtown Abbey TV series, is described by critics as “an ingeniously vicious portrait of high society and all those who yearn to break into it.”
7.Cycle Chic (Michael Colville-Andersen) – This is a book that has 366 photos of people around the world who have bikes. The book is a distinctive fashion statement that is an essential part of everyday
8.Out (Natsuo Kirino) – The novel is the winner of one of Japan’s most prestigious thriller awards. It describes a woman from a Tokyo suburb who is bored by an aggressive husband. He simply kills him. Three assistants helped her remove her body from the face of the earth. The novel gets a Hollywood screen adaptation.
9.Lady Scarface (Diane Ducret) – French author reveals in detail the encounters, love relationships, seduction strategies, the role of politics and the tragic fate of women who were with Hitler, Mussolini, Lenin, Stalin, Mao Zse-Tung.

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