Differences between human brains (women vs. men)

1. Interpersonal Relations: Women are more effective in communication. Women are more empathetic and inclined to show emotion. Men like tasks, are less talkative, harder to understand emotions. These differences answer the questions why men sometimes have communication problems and why male friendships are different from female friendships.
2. Mathematical ability: The inferior pallet lobe is in charge of mathematical ability. It extends to the left and right sides of the brain. In men, it is much larger on the left (controls the ability to think mathematically). In women, this lobe is larger on the right side of the brain (focusing on specific stimuli – for example, crying a baby).
3. Stress Response – The most common response of men to the stress side is running away or fighting. Women are better able to cope here by developing strategies. The reason for this is rooted in hormones.
4. The size of the brain-brain of men is 11 to 12 times the size of the brain of women. This has nothing to do with the intelligence of people has to do with the physical strength of persons. Men are bigger and stronger than women. They need more neurons to control their physical strength.
5. Pain – Each sex experiences pain differently. Women drink analgesics and often admit pain.
6. Perception in space – men have a better spatial perception. They create a mental image that represents spatial dynamism. Women are not resourceful in this space. That is why the parietal part of their brain is thicker. This impedes the ability of spatial perception.

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