Fragrances in solid and oily form or new aggregate state

The famous Coco Chanel used to say, “Put perfume where you want to be loved.” Classic Eau De Toilette and Eau De Parfum and Pure Eau De Parfum Extracts are put on elegantly (with your finger). The rules of the perfume game are altered by the rich and endless variety of perfumed products. In liquid gels are concentrates of famous perfumes. Perfumed soaps and fragrant balms rub into strategic places on the skin of the body.
Solids and perfumes in solids are ideal for handbags and fragrances during the day. They are a great replacement for a pure perfume extract. We remember the famous Elisabeth Taylor’s anecdote about her jewelry: “You see, it’s not so vulgar now, is it?” You need to have one in your collection to understand them better.
We know that Estée Lauder is the most famous revolutionary in the American perfume world. Four years ago, Lauder caused a stir in this rigid perfume world. Her company launches a new solid perfume before Christmas. Granddaughter Aerin Lauder continues the tradition with special editions of the Solid Collection Private Fragrances. Marc Jacobs also references the American tradition of solid perfumes with the Daisy Collection. The French modern traditionalist Chanel also produces rigid perfumes in the eau tendre and eau fraiche versions. Chloé has a pendant necklace. L’Occitane offers their trump cards: Lush in a stick and L’Occitane balm with pendant. Thierry Mugler, Jean Paul Gaultier and Givenchy offer perfumes that leave a discreet scent on the skin, reflect light and make the skin glow.
In times of global economic crisis, perfumed products in solid and solid state have a reputation as “unnecessary products”. Still, it’s worth a try if given the opportunity and opportunity.

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