Mental state assessment: A mini assessment test

1. Name the year, season, date, day and month? (maximum points 5)
2. In which country are you located? In which canton and city are you located? Name them out loud. After a minute or two, say the answers aloud again. (maximum points 5)
3. Select three items from your environment. Say the subject names aloud. After a minute or two (when you were thinking about other topics) – say the names of these items aloud again. (maximum points 5)
4. Subtract 7 from 100. Stop after 5 subtractions. (maximum points 5)
5. Choose three words (for example, apples, books, birds). Then do an activity for 5 minutes. Repeat the names of the selected words aloud again. (maximum points 3)
6. Words: “No”, “if” and “but” read aloud. Close your eyes. Repeat the words without looking at the text. (maximum points 1)
7. Take a piece of paper with one hand and fold it in half with one hand. Put it back on the table with one hand. (maximum points 1)
8. Write only one logical sentence on a piece of paper with a pen. (maximum points 1)
9. Draw a slightly more complicated geometric shape on a piece of paper with a pencil. (maximum points 1)

If you have less than 25 points, try solving more often crosswords, puzzles, Sudoku, reading demanding books / magazines frequently.

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