Forests, greenery and plants will always be our future

Skyscrapers that feature gardens, succulent-powered lamps (plants that store water in leaves), ceramic tiles covered with self-sustaining moss, or tables simulating a grass picker are not hints for the SF comic book but a green reality. All of these are projects created out of the genuine need to return plants in concrete and asphalt-covered cities. For centuries, people have been plowing plants, tearing down and cutting down forests to build cities. They now realize that such a future is not sustainable in the long run.
Liquid wood is one of the most amazing inventions derived from this worldview. Commercial names for liquid wood are “arboform” and “liquidwood”. This is a completely biodegradable plastic-like material. It is entirely obtained from natural substances (hemp, sisal or wood). It has the texture, quality and smell of wood. It can be processed like plastic. The biggest design stars of the day (Zaha Hadid, Philip Starck and Eugeni quitlet) have been privileged to play arboform for the Italian company Magis. However, Romolo Stanco is a pioneer in the use of this material. This lesser-known designer made the first Green Lantern liquid lamp. The lamp is a novelty to the whole world. There is no wire or electricity. It is powered by the electrochemical energy produced by the plant planted in its pedestal by its vital functions. Electromagnetic energy charges the battery that supplies OLEDs (super thin organic material diodes).
Plants can enrich our lives with free energy and other known ways. Plants purify the air and enrich it with oxygen. This is important in modern homes contaminated with air conditioning, central heating, radiation from various electronic devices or the evaporation of toxic chemicals from aggressive home cleaners.


Italian company Benetti Stone created tiles that were coated with an organic component. A special type of moss is planted that uses neither light nor water. It does not warp more than a few millimeters, it should not be looted or maintained. It lives only on organic substrate and moisture in the air. It produces oxygen like any other plant. Famous Belgian fashion designer Anne Demeulemeester has covered the moss on the front and walls of her boutique in Seoul, which looks great today and is completely fresh.

Vertical Garden
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28060 Granozzo(NO)-Italy
Tel:+39 0321 1828088
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REA NO-240083
P.Iva 02498430038
Cap.Soc. €12.000 i.v.
NASA has subjected its astronauts to search after returning from space travel. The results of the tests revealed an increased amount of toxic compounds in their tissues. It has come to the realization that many materials leak dangerous chemicals that accumulate in the human body. Fungicides (wood-based coatings), adhesives, cleaning agents and insulating materials release highly carcinogenic formaldehyde. Thus, the live air filter Andrea (a project of French designer Mathieu Lehanneur) began to be used. The filter absorbs harmful ingredients and disperses purified air into the room. The leaves and roots do the filtering. Only a few types of plants with the highest purification capacity (philodendron, spatifilum, chlorophytum) are used. A live air filter should be a must-have equipment for any modern household or office.
These projects are fascinating because they push the boundaries of understanding how the material world around us works. They raise new questions about what energy is and what types of self-sustaining energy sources exist around us. The future with plants, forest and greenery looks magical.

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