Keep the bay leaf on the table or in your bag

We use bay leaf as a spice although there are beliefs that this herb is more than a spice. Available in stores, easy to grow. In some Mediterranean regions, it is used to protect and attract abundance into the home. According to the laurel leaf, vibrations in daily life can be raised and, among other things, attract prosperity and money.
1. Laurel in your wallet for a financially successful year
The classic ritual for attracting laurel money is to write your wishes on a laurel leaf and keep it in your wallet during the first month of the year (January).
2. A leaf of laurel in your wallet throughout the year
Some people simply put a laurel leaflet (do not write preferences on it) in their wallet. They replace the dried bay leaf with a fresh one, believing that the leaf can help attract money.
3. Laurel for pay raise
If you are looking for a new job or want to get a raise, you should put a bay leaf in your bag or desk. Some people believe that this increases the chances of achieving the desired results.
4. Laurel in unusual places to attract money and prosperity
Laurel can also be placed in bags, backpacks, drawers and the like, or where the person seeking to spend benefits spends more time. In each of these places, it is believed that laurel could have a beneficial effect on the financial aspect of the life of the person who deserves it. It is most often put in the wallet you carry with you.

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