The largest Mexican party in the United States and more events

1.Los Angeles, California Three genuine ‘m’ letters are required for genuine Mexican entertainment anywhere in the world: margaritas, mariachi and menudo (hot soup). These three elements are the main ingredients of the Cinco de Mayo celebration organized by the Mexican community in Los Angeles California every year on the weekend of May 5th. On May 5, 1862, Mexican military forces defeated the French army near Pueble (a city east of Mexico City). The battle is not of historical importance, but the Mexicans in Los Angeles (formerly the capital of the province of Los Californias) have chosen this location as the reason for numerous parties. The main events are in the neighborhood where Olvera Street is located. There are about a million Mexicans dressed in national costumes. There is an abundance of tequila, Mariachi music is played, and numerous fireworks are organized (all weekend). The Los Angeles California movie industry capital is turning into a Latin stage this weekend.

2.Bora Bora Island – After World War II, the US military base on Bora Bora Island was closed. Many soldiers decided to stay on this Pacific Ocean basement (midway between Australia and South America). Today, the infrastructure is semi-developed. The island has about 10,000 inhabitants. The nature of the island is mesmerizing. The two mountain peaks (Pahije and Oteman) offer views of the turquoise blue lagoon. There are numerous pearl farms here and divers enjoy underwater among thousands of colorful fish. At the Lagunarium swimming pool, you can swim among the rye and turtle. There are no big hotels on the island but accommodation is offered in bungalows covered with palm leaves. Numerous sand beaches are organized on the island.
3.Göteborg, Sweden – The so-called Valpurgina Night is celebrated on the night of May 1st (across northern and central Europe). This is a feast of saints and patrons against spells and witches who gather for a witch’s dance on the eve of the feast. The most interesting celebrations are in Sweden (Göteborg area). Thousands of students then ride through the city (during the day) on four-wheeled bicycles, or cars with airborne floors, rooftop wheels, or electrically-powered armchairs. Hundreds of big bonfires are lit in the evening around the city. The celebration with dance and music continues until the early morning. One of the most beautiful festivals in Europe is the Swedish ritual transition from winter (long night) to summer full of light and almost endless day.
Göteborg & Co – is a municipal company, City of Gothenburg
Mässans gata 8
Box 29
401 20 Göteborg
Tel +46 31 368 40 00
4.Gubbio, Italy – Saint and patron saint of the city of Gubbio in Italy is called Ubaldo. On May 15, a procession of the Corsa dei Ceri is organized in honor of Gubbio (a town 100 kilometers from Ancona). Then three wooden candles are carried around the city. Each candle is 5 meters high and weighs 400 pounds. Corsa dei Ceri is perhaps the most beautiful folklore event in Italy. Concerts take place on the remains of a Roman theater. The city cathedral dates from the 12th century. It has a wooden sculpture of Jesus Christ. It is a work of Tibetan, Nepalese, Indian and Chinese art. In the 1920s, Sir Edmund Vivian Gabriel donated the city museum. Sir Edmund is a British officer, adventurer, and descendant of the Gabrielli family (who ruled the city of Gubbio in the Middle Ages). Gubbio is known worldwide for its gastronomy of rabbit and duck.
5.Lewes, England – The Glyndebourne estate is six centuries old. It is located near the town of Lwes in the south of England. This property hosts an opera festival that takes place every year from mid-May to the end of August. The world’s most famous opera singers and conductors are guests of the festival. Ticket prices range from £ 35 to up to several hundred British pounds. Englishmen and other tourists visit this event for socializing on grassy grounds and at festival performances. In one place you can see British nobility, London financiers and opera artists.


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