10 interesting facts about India

1. India is the largest South Asian country. It has a variety of landscapes (the magnificent Himalayas in the north, the landscapes around the holy Ganges, the harsh desert of Rajasthan to the luxurious greenery of the filled state of Kerala in the south).
2. Removal of footwear is mandatory before entering any holy temple in India.
3.India is a mystical Asian country. Buddhist temples, mosques, Hindu temples, monuments and fortresses are located next to each other. These fortresses and temples guard the rich past of India.
4.To experience the splendor of India, you can visit the so-called “Golden Triangle” which houses the cities of Agra and Jaipur and the Indian capital of Delhi.The state of Goa is a popular tourist destination. It has endless sandy beaches about 100 kilometers west of the Indian Ocean. South of the city of Panaji are the most beautiful beaches in the state of Goa. The most popular beach is Paloplem, situated in a small crescent-shaped cove and tucked away among tall palm trees. The beaches in northern Goa are the intersection of lovers of techno and rave music. This is where the best parties are made. Over time, an authentic musical style called “Goa trans” was created.
5. When you come to India, drink only bottled water or delicious coconut water. Beef is not served in India (cow is a sacred animal). The famous local dish is nasi goreng aiam (rice, chicken, shrimp and plenty of spices).
6. In India, women dress conservatively. Try to fit in a new environment during your visit to this beautiful country. Buy salvar-kameez (garment). You will have more respect with the Indians. Use the “Namaste” greeting (greetings with palms clamped to the hanging chest).
7. The most famous bazaars or markets in India are Sadar and Kinaki (Agra), and Chandini Chouk (the heart of the old part of Delhi where Karim restaurant is famous) and Sarojini in Delhi. Silk, silver and perfumes can be found at very reasonable prices.
8.Jaipur is called the “pink city” because of the color that dominates it. Visit the Amber Fort Rajasthan Palace. Elephant riding is the main attraction that leads you to the entrance to the fort.
9. By the end of October, the period of monsoon rains in India is ending. From December to March temperatures are around 30 degrees Celsius.
10. When you come to Delhi watch the show of traditional Indian dance. Check out the Red Fort, the largest mosque in Inidya Dzami Masjid, the Lotus Temple of b ahai religion. Visit the House Kass Village in Delhi, where the old Delight cinema is located, where you can watch a Bollywood movie.
photo: http://www.unsplash.com


  1. Thank you for this interesting post.
    You know good thing about India is it’s diversity, history and culture from region to region. Delhi, Agra and Jaipur in North are good but there are magnificent places in East, West and South and the NE 😍

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  2. Dear “ashok”,

    thank you very much for your great, detailed and enlightening comment. I appreciate it very much. Wishing you always all the best.

    My sincere regards,



    • Dear “jvtripioauthor”,

      Great news. I wish him a great and inspirational trip. Any new country opens up a new horizon for us. Wishing you all the best.

      My sincere regards,



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