10 Simple Rules for Skiing

1. Adjust your skiing speed (fog, ice) according to the crowd and your knowledge.
2. Be careful not to endanger others.
3. Slow down at intersections.
4. Don’t stop to talk or eat on the trail.
5. If you fall, quickly get off the track so someone doesn’t pick you up.
6. If you are hiking the trail, take the edge of the trail.
7. Follow the markings and signaling.
8. Ask about the weather (at the info desk) before climbing.
9. Skiers help each other. Help the person who has fallen or lost some of the equipment on the trail.
10. Take a break as soon as you feel tired.
For all skiers (beginners) the most important question is whether to buy new equipment or use the newest equipment. For the first few years, it’s best to use hired equipment and the help of an instructor to give you skiing lessons. A relatively new way of skiing is called carving. In the skiing area, carving has revolutionized. With carving new and sophisticated skis and ski equipment arrived. This type of skis is narrowed in the middle to facilitate turning in the snow.
If you have old and straight skis, consider buying newer and carving skis whether you are a beginner or a professional skier. You can more easily manipulate the more demanding trails and make it easier for you to handle the harder turns and slopes. Carving skis should be shorter than old and classic models. There are no strict rules when choosing a model. The shorter the skis are, the shorter they should be.
The best way to buy new equipment and choose the right ski length is to try the equipment. Hire carving skis for the first year of skiing. Buy new carving skis next year / winter. If you need new ski equipment right away, consult your dealer or ski equipment technician / service technician.
Ski boots are the first piece of equipment for every skier. A ski shoe or pantzer shoe takes shape on your leg over time. A good and good selection of ski shoes is a guarantee of safety and security on the ski slope. Uncomfortable or oversize ski boots can cause you to run poorly on the course or cause injury. The safest way to prepare your skis well is to choose a reliable ski repairman.,
When the skiing season is over, wash your ski equipment, wipe it with a soft cloth and apply wax that will prevent corrosion. Keep skis separate (unbound). Spray cleaned and dried skis with some car lock spray (WD 40).
Cross-country skiing or Nordic skiing is an Olympic sport accessible to all recreational athletes. Narrow skis (adapted for walking or jogging on the track) are ideal for all people who enjoy nature. After all the muscles of the body and the re creationist spend the best day on the mountain. These skis are light and supple. The foot is fixed only on the toes. The heel moves freely. Nordic skiing is less demanding than alpine skiing (in terms of technique and physical fitness of skiers). Nordic skiing can be practiced by the elderly or those who cannot use more demanding trails due to physical injuries. It takes some effort to master the basic technique of Nordic skiing.
Nordic skiing has other advantages over alpine skiing: equipment is cheaper, equipment is easier to transport and carry, less snow is needed to arrange the trails. Most large ski resorts have well-groomed cross country trails. If you know the mountain you can find the trails and paths that suit you.
In recent years, short skis rounded on top and tail have been popular. They can ski back and forth. Snowblade skis require softer snow. They ride slower than carving skis. They provide sharp and attractive turns.
Boarding is also an attractive sport. The most common model recommended for beginners is the so-called “freestyle”. It is equally rounded at both ends. It is preferable that the board is longer for riding in double snow. If you are a fan of jumps and turns, a shorter board is recommended. The berths are soft. Boarders wear clothes other than skiers. Their pants and jackets are wide (to facilitate body turning). The gloves are different because the hands are constantly exposed to the snow. Fingers not separated (except thumb).

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