How to apply face foundation/powder (to avoid mask effect)?

Choose the right type of substrate: Use a product that suits your skin type. If you have problems with increased fat secretion, use an oil-free substrate. If your skin is dry, choose a nutrient blend.
Choose the right shade: Ignore product names. There is no one who has beige skin color or ivory skin (in reality). Try the substrate by rubbing a small amount of powder on the jawbone (the skin on your hands is a different color). Apply a few pads to the skin. Check the color in daylight. Buy a primer that blends in perfectly with your complexion.
Apply the pad like a pro: Apply the powder in small, circular motions to the face with a pad brush. Move from the nose to the edges of the face .. if the surface is liquid or creamy rub it with the tips of your fingers into the skin. Their heat will allow the substrate to be applied evenly in a thin layer. For a perfect finish, rub the surface with a cosmetic sponge all over your face (do not use for application as it absorbs the substrate and consumes the preparation in vain).
1. Apply moisturizer-five minutes before application. This ensures better absorption and even application and a natural looking skin.
2. Camouflage the neck – when applying the pad to the face, spread it from the chin to the neck.
3. Finish with powder – Apply one coat of translucent powder (or stone) after grinding the liquid substrate. This fixes the substrate and avoids the appearance of glow in the T zone of the face.
For a uniform complexion, light texture preparations perfectly mask blemishes on the face, hydrating the skin making it silky and velvety (ideal shade of AVON, Affinitone Perfecting & Protecting Foundation with Vitamin E by Maybelline New York, Lasting Performance by Maxfactor, ArtDeco High Performance).
For a radiant complexion – use preparations that contain beneficial skin nourishing agents and create a lasting effect of radiance on the skin (Xperience Weightless Foundation MxFactor, Art deco Rich Treatment, Sensai Triple Touch Compact Kanebo).
To cover wrinkles – use anti-age, anti-aging, moisturizing, moisturizing skin that always looks fresh (Maxfactor AgeRenew Foundation, Visible Lift Serum L’oreal Paris, Anew age transforming AVON, Givenchy Radically No Surgetic Foundation SPF 15).
To reduce skin redness – most substrates cover the skin red well, although they do not contain mineral particles that reflect light. The skin works healthy and tanned (Art deco Hidra Silk, Dream satin Liquid Maybelline New York, Giordani Gold powder Oriflame Sweden, PhotoPerfection Givenchy).
For superfluous skin – use mats that contain gloss-eliminating matte agents (L’oreal Paris Infallible, Collistar Italy, Clarins Anti-shane Truly Matte Foundation SPF 15, Dr. Hauschka Translucent Face Powder).

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