UV skin protection in the mountains

Due to the reflection of the sun on the snow and the altitude in the mountains, UV radiation is stronger.
With increasing altitude, the risk of radiation increases. The intensity of solar radiation increases by 5% every 300 meters above sea level. Sun reflection in the snow reaches between 85 and 90%. Fog on the mountains creates a diffuse reflection of light that we should not ignore. Use creams (for face, body and hand skin) should have high SPF factor and UVA filters for UVB protection. UVA rays cannot create directly visible damage. They work in depth and add to the degeneration of skin cells. In particular, the nose and ears must be protected. UV radiation has been shown to affect the appearance of cataracts and should therefore protect the eyes. Keep your eyes a priority in conditions of strong light reflection.
If you are using sunglasses or a mask, choose orange-yellow glasses that can be used during sunny and foggy days. Choose sports goggles that have side protection and are lowered to the face (below the eye) to avoid reflecting light on snow.
The skin on the lips is thin, sensitive and prone to dehydration and cracking because the lips do not have sebaceous glands. Protect your lips from mountain breezes and dryness and frost and sun. Keep labello or blistex preparations with SPF 15 and above in your pocket. Excellent fluorescent light-reflecting stick protects lips from sun and cold and wind.
After the first days of stay on the mountain or snow, acne or small pimples / redness may appear on the face. This is an allergy caused by the UV rays, fragrances, preservatives and fats contained in sunscreens. People with sensitive skin should use baby or baby creams or specially designed sensitive skin creams.
It is important to point out that about 250 globally known drugs cause photosensitization (hypersensitivity to strong mountain sun). If you use medicines or medical therapy, do not go out in the strong sun before consulting your doctor or healthcare professional.


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