Bright lipsticks on lips

Research results from cosmetics company L’oreal show that 69% of women (18 years old and above) use lipsticks on a daily basis.
Test the bright colors of lipsticks on your lips (not on your hand) – the skin on your lips is not the same color (or texture) as on other parts of your body. Testing bright lipstick on your lips is the best way to determine if it works for you.
Nourish your lips – lips are soft and easy to crack. gently rub the lips with a damp cloth and coat them with a lip balm (or cream). When the skin absorbs it, remove the excess with a tissue paper and apply a lipstick.
Whiten your teeth-lipstick with a strong orange color to give the feeling that your teeth are yellow. Use bleaching tapes, baking soda or contact your dentist for professional help.
Avoid smearing – draw lips with a lip pencil before applying lipsticks.Dry pencil structure prevents lipstick from spilling around the lips.Do not use a lipstick as the lips will appear colored and will spoil the effect.
Strive for imperfection — lipstick applied too retro acts “retro”. Apply with a lip brush or directly from the package. Tap your lips with your finger to soften sharp lines.
Apply some lip gloss – put the lip gloss in the middle of the lips and press them. If the gloss reaches the end of the lips it can easily pull the lipstick around the lips.
Uniform colors – use a lighter makeup base or toned cream. Lipstick in vibrant colors can highlight dis-pigmentation and facial wrinkles.
Soothe Eye Makeup – Try not to use eyeliner and eye shadow. If you have to use something then opt for mascara. Keep an eye out for eyebrows that need to be neat. When there is no makeup on the eyes, the focus is on the eyebrows.
Use a blush on your cheeks – a little blush in a color similar to the color of lipsticks will balance the lip ratio with the rest of your face. Try the apricot blush with orange lipstick or the pink blush with a bright pink lipstick.
Remove excess lipstick – when you put lipstick on your lips, put your index finger in your mouth and close your lips and pull your finger out to remove the sludge from the lipstick (which could stain your teeth).
Fuchsia color and cyclamen – an interesting shade compared to red. If you have a light complexion lip color these flowers will highlight the pink tones on your cheeks and create a charming contrast.
Orange color – The absence of blue tones makes orange perfect for many women. It gives women self-confidence.
The pink color – a shade of chewing gum that contains a fair amount of white – is best suited to women of a darker complexion. Dark and warm shades match women with dark complexion or olive oil complexion.
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