How to determine which type of perfume works best for you

When you spray two different perfumes on your wrists and you want to smell them alternately, first smell the coffee beans to neutralize the nose.
Perfumes are created by mixing various ingredients, which are grouped in three layers: the top, center and base fragrance notes of the perfume.
Top scented note – evaporates the most quickly. It can be felt immediately after the perfume is sprayed. It lasts up to fifteen minutes. These are refreshing and citrusy aromas.
Central fragrance – a fragrance is created from a mixture of fragrant notes from the heart of perfume. These are floral ingredients. This fragrance lingers longer and further develops by activating the base notes of the perfume.
Base fragrance notes – these are the longest lasting fragrance notes because they come from strong spices and wood. It is important to wait for the perfume to develop on the skin. Its scent can change dramatically throughout the day. For example, doing what you liked at the beginning of the day may be repulsive at the end of the day, or vice versa.

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