5 important issues that ruin people’s emotional relationships

1. You always try to say what you think – an editor of a magazine or an online article on one of the web portals removes unnecessary text. It only retains quality sentences on a given topic. When talking to other people (in an important life), apply the same logic or similar approach. Censor yourself. The happiest loving couples, long-time friends, good neighbors are those who do not utter just about every critical thought (to which they think). It is especially important in sensitive conversations with other people.
2.You are fighting a warrior with a raised tone – any conversation with others can easily turn into a verbal conflict. One poisonous comment can inflame a fire. Psychologists advise a more sober and calmer approach. Expose the problem with a lot of tact without raising your voice and finding the other party guilty. Enter a bit of humor or just change the topic of conversation (if it’s less relevant).
3.The other person is not ready to compromise – women are more willing to make many compromises when it comes to a problem with men. Men need more flexibility. Psychologists believe that a true emotional community is that a man accepts the influence of his wife or girlfriend or friend.
4.You always tolerate another person’s bad behavior – don’t always tolerate other people’s incorrect and dishonest behavior. If something hurts or upsets you, say or explain how you feel. A lower level of tolerance at the beginning of any emotional connection is a guarantee of long-term happiness in relationships – it shows the experience of many people.
5.The people you meet in life (at home, at work, when hanging out, neighbors and friends) are constantly negative – the world is a more comfortable place to live for all positive people. Living with an optimist is always more enjoyable than living with a pessimist. Psychological research shows that the ratio of positive and negative statements is 5: 1 (in happy emotional relationships). Show public love whenever you can. Bring some sun into your life and the lives of everyone around you.

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