9 gadgets specially designed for women

These gadgets are designed specifically for women worldwide. They are tailored to all your needs.
1.Mio Moov S600-No problem arriving by car to your desired destination. You will never be late because the top Spirit software offers the possibility of suggesting alternative paths. A female navigator that offers plenty of multimedia entertainment when you are in a traffic jam.
2.Kingston Data Traveler 160-speed and interestingly designed flash drive. It has the ability to upload movies in HD. It has other large size multimedia files.
3.Sony Ericsson X10 Mini-stylish and small phone that can do anything. The camera has 5MP, high-end display and ultra-powerful hardware. The phone is designed to fit into every women’s outfit (from sports styling to elegant and business styling).
4.Apple Magic Mouse – the most perfect rodent in the modern world. Intended for Macs. The word Magic in its title was created because it delivers a complete multi touch under your fingers (on any desktop). It will fit into your MacBook computer and other Apple machines.
5.HP Mini 120 Vivienne Tam Edition- If you watched your favorite “Sex and the City” series / movie you will see this colorful butterfly and dotted lines adorned with gadgets. Workmanship is top notch with a choice of components. It has maximum functionality in urban areas which makes it more attractive.
6.The Apple Mac Book – its white surface, modern design and superb performance make this device great for women (and men).
7.Transcend PF810- This is a digital photo frame created by Transcend. Displays photos one by one. With this gadget you can listen to your favorite songs and watch videos and movies.
8.Sweex Vidi-media player with audio playback. It offers great video and image content. The capacity is quite sufficient and is 4 GB.
9. Logitech Fantasy Collection- Unconventional designs and colors customized for your styling and outfit.
photo: http://www.macworld.com

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