5 inspirations for an active vacation in Europe

dug život3
1.The Thermal Spa Sarvar (Hungary) is ideally located between Vienna and Budapest. You can visit two Imperial cities in Central Europe. This spa resort was renovated in 2002 to the highest standards. The city has a 16th-century Upstairs Castle and a large space with green spaces. Fans of architecture, history and walking will have the full atmosphere. Water is medicinal. Contains sodium chloride, iodine, bromine and boric acid.
2.Hotel Kardial (Thermal Spa Vrucica, Bosnia and Herzegovina) – health and tourism center is located in central Bosnia and Herzegovina near the town of Teslic. It is surrounded by gentle hills and slopes of Mount Borja. The dense deciduous and coniferous forest is connected to the vast plain of the Usora River (230 meters above sea level). The climate is moderately continental. Thermal mineral water, relaxing clean air, perfect peace and tranquility guarantee a good rest.
3.Čatez Thermal Spa (Slovenia) – the pearl of Slovenian tourist offer. In addition to the thermal waters, spa centers you can visit Mokrice Castle. Within the castle there is a golf course and special facilities for children. You can visit the Native American Village, sleep in Wigwam, canoe on the lake or try shooting. You can visit the pirate lake – a settlement of 20 floating houses that bind wooden bridges to the shore.
4.Herculane Thermal Spa (Romania) – Located in the Carpathians (170 meters above sea level) in the picturesque Canyon River Canyon.This is one of the oldest thermal spas in the world, officially registered for treatment and rehabilitation. Legend has it that Hercules gained the superior power here to defeat Hilda (the nine-headed serpent). This was once a Mondaysian place, as evidenced by the beautiful architecture.
5.Grand Hotel Metropol Portorož (Slovenia) – Offers indoor and outdoor tennis courts, basketball courts and mini-golf courses. You can visit one of the local villages and the unique Secovlje Salina Nature Park. There are organized trips to Trieste (Italia) or you can visit the wine cellar in the nearby beautiful town of Koper.

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