6 Reading Recommendations

1.Journey by Moonlight (Antal Szerb) – How to Escape Their Little City Fate (She from Husband and He from Obsessive Family) Ersi and Mihaly get married and go to Italy. Mihaly leaves the bride and embarks on a new journey that will shed some light on him.
2.Waiting for Robert Capa (Susana Fortes) is a biographical story of a famous Hungarian photojournalist, his passionate love affair and the huge price he was willing to pay to produce some of the most famous war photographs.
The Hairy Bykers’ Perfect Pies (Si King & Dave Myers) – a delicious pie is the perfect gastronomic contribution to the warm atmosphere of a home. The secret of its preparation is revealed by two bikers.
3.Trylle Trylogy (Amanda Hocking) – The Tryll trilogy has been sold worldwide in more than one million copies. Mystical creatures from the fantasy world encountered by the novel’s main character will also be your favorite pastime.
The End of The Story (Lydia Davis) -American writer and writer known for short stories. This is the story of a woman left behind who writes about a broken relationship as to why she was abandoned by the man she loved.
4.Transit (Rachel Cusk) – the second part of the acclaimed trilogy “Outline” by a Canadian writer living in the UK. After the painful divorce, the main character of the novel moves to London with her sons. He is trying to start a new life.
5.Think and grow rich (Oscar Napoleon Hill) – the most famous book by this author. It is a classic manual of a motivational nature. The book was created as a result of twenty years of research. Reach your goals, change your life, and enjoy your status as a rich and successful person by applying the thirteen simple rules in this guide. The book explains the system that turned a nation out of poverty and poverty into the largest economic power in the world.
6.The Economic Naturalist (Robert H. Frank) -book reveals that economic principles can explain the strange phenomena we encounter every day (from perfect design to whims of sexual attraction). Everything is economics. All aspects of life make perfect economic sense.

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