Baby food jars – an unusual method for losing weight

Banana diet, UN diet, meat diet, baby food diet are just some of the ways to lose excess weight.
Baby porridge jars were once very popular especially for women. This diet involves the use of mushy baby food (in jars) over a 14-day period. Only dinner is a normal meal (lean meat or fish). A meal made from a jar (intended to feed babies and infants) is monotonous and denies the psychic satisfaction of food choices.
The absence of chewing and the feeling that you are eating, chewing, and teeth processing food over time leads to frustration. There is no magic formula that will help you easily and quickly get rid of excess weight. There is only one simple rule: a variety of foods and moderation.
The benefits you have if you decide on this method of losing excess weight: the meal is prepared so you save time, it is convenient to carry, baby food is bacteriologically correct food, you have information on the exact number of calories on the label affixed to the jars.
The disadvantages are that the baby food in the jar does not meet the needs of adults. It is not fresh food as it is thermally processed. The taste of an adult is more refined than a baby’s, so mushy food is under powered in every way.
The official recommendation for the prevention of obesity is moderate intensity FA (physical activity) (e.g. walking briskly for 150 to 200 minutes per week). For weight loss of 250 to 300 minutes per week moderate to more physical activity (about 2000 kcal per week).
Foods in order of importance for an adult:
1. Cereals and cereal products
2. Vegetables
3. fruit
4. milk and dairy products
5. meat and meat products
6. fat
7. sugars
We should eat fish twice a week. It is healthy for the heart and blood vessels. Fish is a low-calorie food. Fish meat is a valuable source of valuable protein, phosphorus, calcium and iron. Sea fish meat contains iodine (rare in other foods). We can prepare fish in various ways, depending on the type and size of the fish. Fish can be cooked, grilled, fried, baked in the oven, grilled, cooked, eaten raw and marinated.

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