I work and exist (what happens after a person gets fired or abruptly loses their job)

Awareness of work and career develops from an early age. We all know that adults often ask children, “What do you want to do when you grow up?” The idea of ​​what we want to do (once we grow up) goes through the whole childhood and education. Until we finally get a job. Most people spend a lot of time at work and thinking in a work or business environment. They invest a lot of energy, time and money into further training, education and additional activities related to the work they do. When we dedicate ourselves to this more than we should, then our jobs and careers become the most important part of self-confidence and personal identity. When a job or career becomes the center of life, the combination of identity and life becomes a problem for that person’s future. The person who has fully committed himself to his career is the last person to be aware of it. He does not see his own identity swap. It is easy to recognize such a person in society because he constantly talks about his business. Likewise, such a person has difficulty creating and maintaining emotional relationships.
Such a person usually feels completely lost without a job and career. In the event of a sudden loss of job or dismissal, such a person should face the painful truth. It’s not easy. It is imperative for these people to build a whole new life, find a new career and reconcile everything on a sound basis. How to do it Talk is the most important link in the chain. Talk to family, friends, acquaintances, or neighbors you have known for a long time about spirituality, your new career, or your interests. Write down all ideas on paper. Write down all the ways you think you can get your ideas out.
The point is to focus on your own personality in the event of a layoff crisis or sudden loss of job. When setting goals and ideas, think about the time you invest in or need to invest in these aspects of life. It will be clearer to whom or what you need to commit to. So you can create a balance in life and even become a better person. Maintain an active social life (as much as possible) to prevent identity loss due to work and business. In the event of a layoff or abrupt loss of job and the fact that everyone in your area has an active job, you will need to replace the complete social network. You gain a new environment, new friends and acquaintances of similar or same life opportunities.
Having a job is an important segment of life, but not the only one.

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